Sunday, November 29, 2009

Going crazy?

Sometimes, in my house it feels like there is a tornado swirling around me at all times!! My daughter has been at her grandparents off and on all weekend and it's been just the boys mostly. The difference in the boys is so obvious of course but I feel like I haven't had a monets peace since Wednesday! I feel like I am the bad guy that feels so overwhelmed.
I have been attempting to write a short story in the midst of all this chaos to no avail. I am looking for a male Native American name for the male lead and have had no luck. Maybe the big kids being at school this week and back on schedule will put everything back in perspective. We shall see......
On a positive not, Thanksgiving was great. I had way too much too eat as always and gained weight.....whoo hoo. Now to feel guilty about that for a week. The family time was great though. Got to see my dad, who works in Palm Beach all the time. Also, hung out with my sisters and brother in law. Good food all around.
I guess it's time to decorate for Christmas which truly is my favorite holiday. All I can do though is look at the wall in the living room that needs to be painted.
I guess I need to take a happy pill and get out of this pessimistic mood and get on with life!!! :)

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