Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Kiki's Nation Towel Shorts {Review}

You know when your kids get out of the pool and they don't want to change into the extra clothes you packed but they definitely want to ride home in their wet suits getting your backseat all chlorine-y and wet so you can wonder about the mildew smell a few days later?

No?  Just me? Okay.

Well, in case you are ever in that predicament....I have found just the product for you.

Kiki's Nation has the amazing things called Towel Pants. Towel + Pants, people!!  This is a  mind-blowing, slap yourself upside the head moment. Why didn't we think of this?

G is an outfit guy. You know the type. Wants the entire outfit the mannequin has on, the whole shebang in the catalogue and the exact costume in the raunchy Halloween books that flood my mailbox this time of year.

So, these Towel Pants were a big hit right away.

They are bright and come in tons of different patterns to please boys or girls. They also come in shorts, which are called Jammers.

Does anyone remember the crowd pleasing, knee covering shorts from the 80's called Jams?  I totally rocked the Jams.

We received the Smiley Jammers and G was stoked to try them out while camping with his Granddaddy at the beach.

My dad travels for work so when he's home we like to try to spend time together. He has an amazing camper that comes in handy for weekend beach trips.

Listen, this beach isn't my favorite white sand beach but it's a beach! 

Dad loaded up G, R and her friend for the weekend and headed to Quintana State Park to overdose on S'mores and sunshine.

We came down on Sunday and visited all day and stayed until about 10:30 that night. The kids were off school that Monday so they loved being able to waste away their last day at the beach.



 G's photo shoot he wanted to have for his Jammers......

 And then the girls snuck in.....

 And started being all girly.......

 And then G just wanted to run away.

 Something about a sunset by the beach....

 The sunset girls......




 It's S'more time, people.

 You know that right now you can hear Beavis and Butthead...... Fire, fire!! 


 You know what's good?  Sandwiching melty, gooey chocolate and marshmallows in between two homemade cookies. Yep. It's amazing.

 Some extras of the boys on the beach....



Now, back to these snazzy Kiki's Nation Towel Pants and Jammers.....

They are super soft and comfy. G wore them all afternoon and evening after our beach time.

These would be perfect for the beach or the pool, a comfortable way to relax after swimming the day away. And after having a daughter on swim team this year...I noticed a lot of girls walking around with PJ pants on....uh, that's a no-no. These would be a much better (and attractive) alternative.
Lucky for you guys...Kiki's Nation has a cult following of swimmers and you can find all of the towel clad goodies in swim shops around the country.

With a design for every personality everyone could find a pair they would love.

They wash and dry easily and would be great for any season.

Towel Pants were created by a grandmother who was looking for a way for her grandkids to have a comfortable and dry ride home from swimming at her house.
How great is that?

Grandma always knows best.

Be sure to check out Kiki's Nation and all of the pants, shorts, skirts and bags they offer.

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