Thursday, February 7, 2013

How many days can you wear a pair of jeans? And more of life's little quandaries... don't just wear your jeans once, right?

If you wash a pair of jeans every time you wear them we might not can remain friends.....okay...we'll still be friends but I might be self conscious of the fact that mine are about 4 days ripe.
but probably not.
I'm not really a self conscious person unless it's a point in time where I should not be. In other words...if it's something you're completely comfortable doing, I'm probably not.


walking into......anywhere. This has been a lifelong deal for me. Walking into a place alone....I can't get down with...without feeling self conscious. I'm not talking Paula Deen style agoraphobia here, folks, the places I hate walking into:
any sporting even where I will need to scan the crowd and find a seat. Not even big events, that actually easier for some reason. Maybe because I don't know anyone else sitting around us at say, the Houston Rodeo, so who cares if I look like a small town hick that may or may not have washed her hair that day.
But my son's basketball or football games.....I arrive early. Like, ridiculously early. If I'm running late...which does happen these thoughts are running through my head....
suck in. stand up straight. where do I sit?? who do I sit next to? my friends? my in laws? my parents?
I know this probably stems from my people pleasing problem. It truly is a disease. Wanting to please people all the dang time. It's just impossible. I've gotten better as the kids have gotten older but I still have a very noticeable problem with saying no...and boundaries. I now know it's noticeable because a friend recently told me I really needed to read a book she's almost done with and it's about saying no and making boundaries. so, basically I need to get some cahones.

........where was I again?

Dirty jeans, yes. I love them. I will go as long as possible without washing my favorite pair of jeans. To the point that they are hanging dangerously low on my "hips" (those quote marks are because I have less hips and more muffin top/thigh combo than an hourglass thing happening here) and they feel like pajama bottoms.
Lucky for everyone that might sit next to me at my son's basketball game is Day 1 AND I just got out of the shower. Score.

so onto other things I have noticed around me this week.

why when there are less people in the bed do you take up more room? this is aimed right at my 6 year old who has taken to sleeping with me while my husband is on nights. He says my bed is more comfortable (impossible, the mattress is like a million years old) He is asleep in my bed before I am which I guess signals to him that he gets free reign of the whole king size bed. Why then, does he choose to sleep sideways on my side of the bed? Once I get him situated at least in the middle of the bed, he slides his bony little legs over to me and proceeds to dig his toes under my legs until he's comfortable. seriously considering one of those weighted blankets.

why are a teenager's favorite phrases-"I forgot!" and "I don't know." last night, I went to pick T up from Small Group (it was being hosted at a friend's house because we didn't know if R would be over the strep throat by Wed earlier this week) and I told him before I dropped him off that he needed to take note of the time and come right out at 8 so that we could get back home to get everyone to bed, mainly his little brother and sister. Do you think he was waiting for me when I was waiting outside the house at 7:50? How about 8? What about 8:15? Take a wild guess......NOPE.
So, I got out of the car, shuffling towards the house in my house shoes (super classy) until the boys' youth leaders saw me and they ran in the house to get him for me. When he got in the car and got the Death Stare from me.....I asked him, "Why weren't you out here as soon as Small Group ended?" His answer........"I forgot!"
My response..............How the heck do you forget to come outside when Small Group is over? Did you not notice all of the other kids walking out of the door and getting into their parent's cars and driving away? Did you not notice your Small Group leader leaving the house? Did that not signal that it was time to go? How do you forget that...oops! Small Group might be over I need to go home now....
deep breaths
of course, he didn't forget. he made a choice to stay inside and goof off with his friends. This is because he's a teenager. And God Bless my parents....because I think  I know that teenagers are the most selfish creatures on the planet.
and of course, 5 minutes later he's charmed his way back into my good graces. I swear. raising teenagers and especially teenage boys is like trying to train chimpanzees to act like humans. just be normal, man. act like everything's normal. you're not a chimpanzee, you're a boy. you are not a are a boy.
but you can't help but love them to pieces even when you're wanting to squeeze their little heads off.

another pleasant thing you might know about.....PMS.
I've said before that I have the more souped up version of PMS...PMDD...which basically means about 2 weeks before my period I turn into a strange monster. Somedays I am like Susie Homemaker and Martha Stewart combined and other days I'm happy that I've gathered enough personality to smile and talk to people without growling like an animal.
so, there's that.

well....there are my random ramblings for the day.

I hope you guys are having a fabulous week filled with perfect jeans, kids who aren't talking back and enough self control not to bite any one's head off.

To end this post on a less snarky note.....I will leave you with my sunrise pictures. They make me happy. Texas does have beautiful skies......

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