Monday, January 21, 2013


I ran across a a pin (thank you very much, Sand and Starfish) for a Current list and thought, well...that's the ticket to inspiration.

Raise your hand if you have trouble finding blogging inspiration...yep, I thought so. So, I'm not alone in this. Sometimes, you need a little shove in the right direction.

Not all blog posts have to be novel worthy or postcard worthy. Why not make a list throughout the week of what you're currently into and share with your followers? They may dig it. They may not.

Super pumped to have discovered an amazing blogger through that one simple pin on Pinterest I have renewed my bloggy spirit....hopefully. I can't speak for next week's version of myself. rukristin has amazing ideas to inspire you in your life...whether blogging, journaling or just randomly writing things down. This Currently list is her brainchild.

Each week, I'll be joining her and others in the Currently List and sharing...I would love to see what all of you are currently doing too!

PS: I won't be leaving this long drawn out explanation every're welcome.


watching: Parenthood. Season finale is this week and I am completely saddened already. Brilliant writing. Characters you fall in love with. If you're still missing Brothers and this. It's even better. Not as soap opera-esque. weird tidbit I just discovered: Lauren Graham is dating Peter Krause in real life....they are brothers and sister on the show.

reading: would you like the honest answer? ugh. I knew you would. Brace yourself cheesy romance haters....Up to Me by M.Leighton. I used to be a complete chick lit/romance/trashy novel hater....then I discovered I don't have to be intellectually stimulated with Grown folks are totally allowed to read what they want. And, I gotta tell you....Reading books like these every once and awhile have not hurt the love life. I do read plenty of books with bite though...I finished The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman last week and it was wonderful. Heart wrenching but wonderful. I cried. I fly through books like no body's business which is either a blessing or a curse....according to my Barnes and Noble account it's a curse...$$$. Mixing it up every once and awhile never hurt anyone.

listening:  guys, have you become obsessed with The Lumineers, yet? You've all heard Ho Hey. A beautiful, folksy song that I become enthralled with  months ago is just the tip of the iceberg. They are amazing. When I have writing assignments due, I turn on Pandora and flip to The Lumineers station...and all is right in the world. They make me smile.

making: if you follow me on Instagram elizabethsavilledodds, you may already know the answer to this....if you don't you totally should because sharing food love is one of my favorite things to do. I am completely and utterly taken with baking bread. After almost 15 years of marriage and almost 14 years of parenting I am just now jumping on the bread baking bandwagon. And I love it. It is soothing and satisfying in a way I never knew baking could be. I can churn out cookies like Betty stinkin' Crocker but baking bread always seemed a bit too involved for me. Totally not. Especially this one recipe that I have been printed out and is sitting by my oven, with flour bits dried all over it....Peasant Bread has become a happy pill for me. Go to Alexandra Cooks and immediately follow her recipe to make your new favorite food. By the way, a grilled cheese made from this heavenly amazeballs. I have shared the recipe and my own pictures all over Twitter and Instagram and others who have made it since have raved. Follow her tips...especially the one about lukewarm water, best tip ever. And I don't use multiple bowls until it's time to separate the bread into two cooking vessels. So much easier.

feeling: super busy and a bit overwhelmed. Hubby's on still have to have a life, school work, and sports...go figure. Wooosa!

planning: Spring Break. Last year we were in beautiful Colorado for Spring Break and we all LOVED it....this year we're sticking close to home. We all want to head back to San Antonio again. What's not to love about San Antonio?

loving: Theme teaching. I homeschool G for Kindergarten and I have found that sticking with a theme every week really does work....yes, I know, teachers do this all the time...
We started off the new year with a new way of homeschooling...less lists for me and more fun learning experiences. We stick with the curriculum while incorporating tons of arts and crafts/baking/science into our day. If you would like to see what I'm digging in the Kinder World check out my Kindergarten Power board on Pinterest.

If you choose to get down with your own Currently list be sure to use #currentlylist so we can all check out each other's weekly inspiration and loves.

What are YOU currently into?
Tweet me....message me...instagram me....friend me on Goodreads and let's talk about it.
I'm always looking for new books to read and new recipes to try....shoot me some ideas!'s a little Lumineers love to start your week off with a smile.


  1. Love your documentation!! It was great getting to know you better through your words :) Come link up your list I'd love for your list to be included!

    1. Thanks so much for checking it out! For some reason I couldn't leave a comment on your blog (I'm thinking I need to update a browser) but I did link up! I'm going to have to go ahead and figure out a way to document this in a picture as well as on the blog so I can share on Instagram as well as leave a better thumbnail picture on your link up. I am not very cohesive with the others. :) Love your ideas!

    2. You're so welcome! I use Disqus for commenting on my blog; it works really well when you want to have threaded conversations with replies back and forth -- and I thought with the kind of blog I have and the discussions I want to facilitate; it was the best commenting system. (And you don't need to register for anything to comment.) It might be a browser issue for you; those upgrades are so pesky :)

      I'm so glad you've found inspiration in what I'm doing -- it really makes my day when I hear things like that.


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