Sunday, October 21, 2012

In our little bubble.....

Just a warning ahead of time....I'm hormonal.  No, not pregnant.  Only PMS overload.

Hand over the chocolate and keep everyone quiet and no one will get hurt badly.

Now, on to what we've been doing in our little bubble this week.  As you know, G and I are on a Kinder homeschool adventure and it has been eventful.  As a first time homeschool mama/kinder teacher I have really had to reset my brain into planning and organizing mode.  I'm still not as in planning a month ahead of time....but we have a little groove going. 

It's been a lot of fun to witness him learning and growing right in front of me. He loves anything to do with math and science and could really care less about handwriting perfectly.  And don't even think about handing him a coloring page and expect him to take his time....he blows through those things like Nobody's business.  He just wants to finish so he can move on to the next thing. 

I've had to get pretty creative and have found amazing people to follow on Pinterest to inspire me.  I've also become a little obsessed with Teachers Pay Teachers. 

This week, we read The Little Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves.

I am a complete cheap queen so printing up paper after paper turns me off....I freehand a lot of what we do.  I am creating it for one, after all.

This old chick was super easy to create and we had a good time putting it together. 

Here is the old gal before being colored by the maniac. 

I drew outlines of each thing we needed to fill the Old Lady's tummy and let G cut them out himself.  I know this will not make the most perfect line....but who cares?!  It's his project. Let go, and let them cut!

While I was prepping her tummy goodies he colored the Old Lady. 

After he finished coloring her top half, arms and shoes we stapled her body parts to a baggie, leaving it open. 

Then we read the story again letting him help retell the story while filling her tummy.

Getting a almost 6 year old boy to retell a story is pretty painful.....this was not.  He loved it.

Here is our Old Lady.  I think she's pretty cute!

I realize that it looks like she might have a purple Hitler 'stache but I promise you she doesn't.  It's her lipstick. Get your head out of the gutter.

She ate everything that you need to make a scarecrow...sorry for the spoiler.

After our book craftivity we had some science fun.  B was home for his Friday off so I put him in charge of this little adventure.  He was excited and ran to get the supplies......

Diet Coke and Mentos!

Yep, explosion time.

Who doesn't love explosions?  Everyone does!  They're fin and messy and sometimes loud. 

Almost 6 year old boys especially love explosions.

They enjoyed it so much that we did it all over again after the big kiddos got home!

This time B got smarter and G got braver.  Although, he wasn't wet when he walked away.  The boys called him The Matrix.

Let me know if you guys have any great experiments your kids enjoy!

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