Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kindergarten Warrior.....

Is it only Wednesday? 

It feels like it's Friday....but maybe that's because this is the time of year when I start to question my lack of a clone.

Everyday is filled with something.  I know I am not the only parent going through the madness of school/sports/homework and everything else under the sun. 

Here's a sample schedule of just one day of my week.....please keep in mind that right now, B is on nights so I'm basically a single mom (praise to you, single moms out there because I do not know how you do it, you're amazing.)

Today (Wednesday)
Breakfast for kiddos
Take T to school, leave at 6:30am
Take R to school, leave at 7:45am
Homeschool for G: 9am-around 12:30/1pm
Laundry/Clean/eat bon bons
Get dinner prepared
Store? Probably
Pick R up, get in line around 2:45pm
Pick T and friends up from football practice early to head to Algebra tutoring by 4pm
Clean rest of the house
G's Tae Kwon Do: 5:45-6:15'ish
Small Group at our house for 7th/8th grade boys, 6:30-8
Shoo Small Group out
Get kids bathed, in bed, with prayers said and not hair on their head harmed.


How many of you have daily schedules like this?  I see you, out there Moms of the World. 

I appreciate you.

Discovered a little Math trick with dice today while getting prepared for another game that involves dice. 

I have found that G responds to games much more than sitting down and just drilling him. So, when it comes to math, which is not my favorite, I love to find things to get us all a little pumped about it. 

Dice math has been a HUGE help.  G loves the rolling the dice and coming up with answers that are on his worksheets, which I have found randomly on Pinterest. 

Be sure to check out my board, Kindergarten Power!  for all of my latest finds.

This morning I was getting our dice prepared for another game I was looking up on the ever helpful Pinterest when I thought "to heck with this, I have a better idea!"

And the game Dice War was born!

We got out 2 pairs of dice and his dry erase board. 

And we basically played the old fashioned War (or Battle) played with  cards but played with dice. 

This activity helped G with counting and adding.  He loved being able to make his own tally marks on our scoreboard too.

You need :
A dry erase board to keep score easily
4 dice
That's IT
You each get 2 dice.
Roll them on the table and whoever gets the highest added together wins a tally mark on the scoreboard!
It's a tie?
Roll ONE die and see who wins out of that round, that's the winner of the tally mark
We played to 15 points.
G completely destroyed me. 
And he loved it.
He is starting to remember his doubles and adding to 10. 
I have a feeling this will be a keeper.

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