Friday, August 10, 2012

So, I like to read....

.....a lot.

If I don't have a book going, everything seems a bit off. 

I like to read pretty much anything. 

My favorite thing to experience while reading.....

when I'm reading a book from a new author, by that is new to me...and I find myself inside the story so much that I can't it down. 

I had three magazines come in the mail this week.  Usually, if I take T to soccer practice or if I'm sitting at the dining table having lunch, I would pick up a magazine to have a little read while not being fully committed.

No such luck when I bought the book Slammed by author Collen Hoover.  This is her debut novel.  I always love reading debut novels.  It's like a peek into someone's writing soul. 

Debut novels can obviously be hit and miss.  And it's all a matter of taste. Lately, it's been easier to find books I didn't really dig more than books I can't put down. 

This is a hit. 

Slammed is novel wrapped in poetry and lyrics. 


She did a great job if introducing these characters in a way that wasn't overly descriptive but you still "got" them.  You love them.

Slammed is a story of two people who click. Immediately.  Their circumstances don't make things easy and there are choices to be made.

The tragedy and the forbidden drives you to keep reading....even when you really need to get some laundry done or maybe cook dinner for your starving family.

The poetry and song lyrics are intertwined in the story where it feels like it was just meant to be there. 

I had never even heard of the Avett Brothers but I totally looked them up after reading the first set of lyrics used in the book. 

The complicated part of Lake and Will's relationship is part of what keeps you hooked.  Not just because of the complications and you want to see what happens....but because as a parent I'm reading it and pulling for it and then have conflicting thoughts on why I'm pulling for it. 

In my opinion, any book that has you questioning your own morals, values and points of a keeper.

The depth of her characters were wonderful and not so deep that you felt you were just reading fluff. 

Read Slammed

While you're at it, you might as well just buy Point of Retreat because you will undoubtedly finish in record time and want to immediately read the 2nd part of the series.

Check out Colleen Hoover's  site...she's a pretty cool chick and she's from Texas which automatically ups the cool quotient.  We happen to be great people, Texans.

While you're checking out cool people....go to the Avett Brothers site....look up all of their songs, all of their lyrics....and just be amazed. By the way....they are pretty darn cute (and have beards!) so be prepared to be listening to them for awhile. Tell everyone to leave you alone....just blame it on research.

If you read Slammed or Point of Retreat, let me know.  I would love to hear your thoughts on it.  I don't have a cool book club to attend so we can just have our own.

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