Sunday, August 12, 2012

Back to School.....

I mentioned on Facebook earlier how my teenage son has been whining about wanting another pair of Jordan's for his back to school shoes. 

I can not express how much I loathe these shoes. 

#1: because they are usually around $200....and that's just ridiculous.
#2: because they are big and clunky
#3: because they make his feet look humongous while the rest of his body is a normal boy size.

So, after I told him how much I hated these shoes while he scanned page after page on the iPad pointing out the shoes he just "has to have", I got to thinking about the clothes and the shoes that I just longed to have. 

My parents probably thought they were all really ugly.  I know they hated a certain pair of black, clunky shoes I wore almost everyday in junior high because they told me that they looked like Frankenstein's shoes.  I loved them.  Like, loved them so much I wore them with everything.  While searching for 90's shoes...which are now called 'vintage' by the way....I came across these shoes that looked exactly like the ones I loved so much.  Guess what!  They are in the FoundedShop Etsy shop.  For sale. Believe it or not.

Then I remembered a pair of shoes I tried to get rid of years ago but R begged me not to.  She has had them in her closet all this time.  Now, these are bad. Super super platforms. With buckles. And I wore them constantly in high school....usually with short dresses, short skirts or short shorts. Sheesh, I'm locking R up when she hits 13 and we will suddenly claim that all good Christian girls have to wear Dickies coveralls.

It's no wonder I had decent legs back then. These suckers were heavy.  Of course, I never would have admitted it then.  I thought they made me look thinner. Yes, the time when I was the skinniest I have ever been...I wore platform shoes to make me feel even skinnier. I rarely took off my shorts at the beach either...
Note to younger self: your thighs get bigger. Sport your bikini now.

In honor of my strange, younger self and all of you peeps that I'm sure have pictures that seem similar to are more adventures in weird clothes.

This was a phase that was a huge in south east Texas in the 90's...okay, at my junior high it was popular.  Wearing Looney Tunes (or any other cartoon character) sweat shirts and pants....and to top it all off.....wear the corresponding cartoon character on BOXER SHORTS, on the OUTSIDE of your sweat pants. Listen, people, I didn't make the trends, I just followed them.

My flannel phase.  This lasted through junior high and honestly it never really went away. I love plaid. I love flannel. But, I don't think I roll my eyes as much as I did back then. Oh, the joys.

The floral dress phase. Denim on top, flowers on the bottom. Oh yeah. H.O.T.

The peroxide blonde phase. Always nice.

My New Kids phase.  I thought Joe and I were destined to be together. It wasn't meant to be.

This is the over sized sweatshirt phase....don't forget about the hand painted domino action happening all over the front. 
oh, and the dye-my-hair-every-week phase.
After strolling through memory lane and laughing out loud at some of the things I chose to wear, I wonder how my parents felt about it all.  I know they didn't like it all.  And some of those atrocious choices were expensive.  I still remember getting my first pair pf Dr. Martens. And that was a BIG deal. 

I know, as a parent, I can't just give T everything he wants.  The hard part is when it comes to this age where you remember what that was like. You know how you HAD to have a certain pair of jeans.  And of course, they were more expensive than other pairs because that's why they're so trendy. 

The irony in this all is pretty entertaining, I'm sure, for my parents. 

Now, will the boy get a pair of Jordan's again this year?  Probably.  But I'm guessing he'll probably have to wait until Christmas.

Hope you guys enjoyed the laughs.  If you are inspired to laugh at your younger self in a post, let me know!  I would love to see.

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