Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Life in pictures....

Always on the go. Always making dinner. Always surrounded by crazies. 

Here's a few pics I cleared off my battered and beaten Blackberry this week and last week.

This amazing bacon frying was used to cover a pork loin that even my "vegan" 5 year old ate.

T sleeping on his way to soccer practice.... happy.  He's found his place in the world, people. And it's wearing a suit. I wonder if someday he will own a yacht. And if he'll allow me aboard.

My sleepy head teenager.

G as Wolverine. Sometimes, even Wolverine likes to play the DS.
R isn't in the pictures this week....probably because she has become obsessed with her American Girl dolls again and stays in her room 24/7 playing dolls.  Which also means, I have lost my personal stylist.

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