Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort Day 3.....our last full day...adios Paradise.

No one wanted to get their behinds in gear this morning so we got a late start for the whole darn day. 

We just got home from dinner.  Yep.  It's 10:30pm

We did end up having a busy day.  B wanted to check out Baytowne Wharf a little more so that's where we went first (even though I really just wanted to chill at the beach). 
The Village of Baytowne Wharf

We stopped in a few shops and grabbed t shirts at the Aloha Surf Company.  Then, the boys decided they wanted to be all adventurous.  When that happens R and I usually chill in the shade.  So, we did.  T went on the Adventure Rope Course and G went on the trampolines.  Then, we had snow cones. Everyone was happy. 

My high jumper

Up in the ropes

The smart one: having a sno cone in the shade

I was a little surprised when I started looking into it...about the prices involved in a resort vacation.  I was expecting more things to be included in the stay as a guest of the resort.  There was an Adventure Zone, an inflatable obstacle course on the water, but when we looked into it we realized that it cost $24/per person to participate.  As a family of 5, this would be a pretty frivolous choice.  If it was bigger and took longer to enjoy, we might have thought about it.  We also called about the YOLO boards this morning and were told by the Marina that YOLO boards are not included because "they are fairly new".  That was what the kids and B really wanted to try, the prices when we checked into it....$35/per person/per hour.  So, we nixed that idea too.  In my opinion, there should be more in the resort that is actually all inclusive.  We only allowed the boys to pick one activity each today because everything on Baytowne Wharf is separately priced. 

I find it my responsibility to be honest about this because sometimes it isn't made clear and as a family I think you deserve the best vacation you can have and I want you to be able to plan for it. 

After the Wharf adventure, we all came back home to go separate places.  G wanted to go swim at the pool so of course, B took him.  T said he wanted to go swimming too but he really just spent today chilling inside watching TV....and texting. Such a vacation slacker.

R and I headed to the beach to soak up some rays and play in the sand.  The nice beach guys helped us to our seats and we relaxed and swam and played in the sand.  She is what I call the Sand Whisperer.  She can make one heck of a sand castle and she can even balance them in her hand!

I'm sad to go tomorrow, I have really enjoyed the digs here.  Super spacious and feels like a beach house...on a golf course.  The pool was just a short (really, like 20 steps) walk away and the beach wasn't too far of a walk either.  Promise.  R and I made the walk there and back today just to try it out.  The golf cart paths were super helpful. 

I would totally recommend Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort but I would also include little tips to get you through your vacation seamlessly. 

  • check out local places to eat, not just the tourist hot spots. Hint: if you see more out of state license plates than the state you're in, it might not be a local hot spot.
  • Buy stuff for dinner and go out for lunch.  I really need to practice what I preach here. 
  • Make sure you know what you will be renting ahead of time so you won't be shocked when you arrive by certain prices. YOLO boards, jet skis, para sailing.
  • Best pizza in town: Fat Daddy's (not the huge arcade in downtown Destin, the one outside of Sandestin towards Santa Rosa Beach) Amazing.
  • Bring your own beach umbrella and small beach chairs to stake your claim on the sand.  The chairs and umbrellas can get expensive, especially if you're staying more than just a few days.
  • I have a friend that lives in the area and he claims that Old Bay Steamers is the place for seafood, but it's about a 15 minute drive from the resort. My aunt claims Pompano Joe's to be great as well.  We couldn't make it everywhere, although I wish we could have.  Dinner time seemed to sneak up on us everynight.

This resort has families in mind when talking about the condos and townhomes.  I can only speak from experience about the Tivoli area because that's where we were but I have been impressed.  My kids have been happy and loving this place. 

The beach is clean as can be, the beach concierge and staff are extremely helpful and kind and the pools are clean. 

I do wish there more places to choose from (restaurant wise) ON the resort and over here by the beach so you could grab a bite to eat for dinner without leaving the resort.  This would be perfect because you're exhausted by the end of the day.  Everything shuts down around 5 right on the beach so be prepared for that. 

I appreciate Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort and the beauty it has.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay.  I would definitely come back and try it out again.  It would be a blast to have a few families together in the resort.  Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort has won many awards and been recognized many times for all the hard work they put into this place, and rightfully so.  Very well run.  Super sweet people that work here, as well. 

My sister and her husband left this morning to head back to Austin.  My brother in law is a tour manager for a band and will be going on tour next happy we got to spend time with them in paradise.

Tomorrow morning, I am hoping to stop by the outlets....that J Crew outlet is just calling my name...before we head down to Orange Beach, Alabama.  I will let you know where we will be in the morning....

Stay tuned....we are not done yet!

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