Thursday, July 12, 2012

Paradise found once again...Hampton Inn and Suites in Orange Beach, Alabama

It was quite a day getting from Sandestin to Orange Beach today.  We checked out of Sandestin around 11 and headed out.  We stopped by the outlets and visited my friend J. Crew before getting to Orange Beach.  We also stopped near Ft. Walton and took some beach pics that we weren't able to take at the resort because of all the people on the beach.   

When we got closer to Orange Beach I was surprised by how white the sand is.  A white sand beach = vacation for me...and Florida is obviously not the only place for it.  Right past the Florida/Alabama line is when you hit the Orange Beach area and from what I've seen it's pretty busy around here and has lots to offer. 

Driving up to the hotel, I loved seeing that the Hampton Inn and Suites was the not a sky scraper-like condo, it was a beach hotel.  Directly on the beach, super cool and modern it is pleasing to the eye.  It's bright and happy and so is the staff!  You walk in and feel how new this place is.  Every detail has been thought of in the decor here and I am totally digging these bright colors. 

View of Hampton Inn and Suites from the beach

Lobby/hallway to pool

Dining area

Decor around the hotel
After checking in the kids were starving so we went on a search to find something for an early dinner.  There's plenty to choose from and the front desk staff had plenty of recommendations.  We wanted to get the "lay of the land" before finding something to eat so we would know what all was in the shopping center across the highway....when we started to drive across on a green light...another driver decided that he didn't like stopping at red we got hit. 

I've never been in a car accident, unless you count the minor school bus accident when I was like 10 but those are built like tanks.  The truck hit us in our back passenger side door, right where R was sitting.  I thank the good Lord above that this fender bender didn't turn out any worse.  We are all perfectly fine, if not just a little shaken up, and the car door and fender have dents but nothing that can't be fixed.  Everything on the car, including the door, is working properly.  The man who hit us immediately knew he was the one who had screwed up and even told the police officer so.  He has insurance and the police report has been typed up so we will all survive.

Now, for our vacation.....I can't wait to explore this area and this hotel even more.  The kids have been eyeing the pool like the little piranhas fish they are so I have a feeling that will be hit up very soon.  We loved dinner tonight....even after the fender bender we were all still starving.  We chose Tacky Jack's and it was a winner!  We ate bayside and it felt great out there.  It was breezy and nice and the food was amazing.  We all had burgers and fries (and their homemade chips) and were sufficiently stuffed when we got back. 

Not too stuffed to check out the beach though. 

The view from our room....beautiful.

This heron was gorgeous and he let me get so close. T and I watched him catch his dinner.

Orange Beach water tower past the dunes

Sandy toes.....

View of the pool from our room
Here's a sneak peek at our room that is also saturated with color in fun and peaceful tones.  They have done a great job keeping this room functional and spacious while fitting everything that is needed.  The desk area in the middle of the room was a brilliant idea, it's a bit of a media center with the flat screen TV that swivels where you can watch your fave shows from bed or the living area.  The comfy desk chair has come in handy for me....while writing this for you.  I noticed that there are tons of outlets in the room which for a family, especially with a teenager, this is important.  The Hampton Inn and Suites is known for it's complimentary breakfast, including waffles and  Who doesn't like a free breakfast?  They also are known for having rooms that are like a home away from home with a little kitchenette with a sink, small fridge and microwave and this really helps families out.  When you want a snack in the middle of the day or a cold juice box, you don't feel like walking to a grocery store or keeping a cooler iced down.  Hampton Inn and Suites is all about keeping everyone happy.  So am I.  So, the Hampton Inn and Suites and I are going to be great friends.
Hampton Inn and Suites has a lot of fun...they also love to include their guests in on the fun.  They have a promotion going on right now, Picture Perfect Alabama, where you can share certain pictures on their Facebook wall and receive prizes.  They also have another little treat for you if you write on their Facebook wall while you're here, just let them know in the lobby that you've shared the love. 

Living area (seriously cute rattan print on that sofa) and desk area

G enjoying the view from the balcony
Tomorrow B is on his own with the kids most of the day because listen up folks....I have my first real spa day planned.  I am an avid massage fan...who is not.  I love a good facial too.  But I usually don't have the time to have a full spa day all for myself. 
I'll be visiting Fusion Spa Salon in Orange Beach, an Aveda salon.  Fusion is located in The Wharf and has some wonderful options for being pampered. They have countless choices for anyone you can think of.  Who's pumped?  This girl!  I will dish all about tomorrow night.....unless I'm so relaxed I face plant into the sand when I get back.  Until then, you can always check out Fusion on Facebook and here so you can browse the treatments that you would enjoy.

You can find Hampton Inn and Suites on Facebook and Twitter, join in on the conversation!  If you have a question about the area, the hotel, the beach, the location....just ask.  Someone will get back to you, they are on top of things here. 

Can't wait to keep you guys updated.

Happy summer, peeps.

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