Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Easy going family time....

We made it! 

We left the house around 4:00am on Sunday only to have to turn back around 30 minutes down the road because I forgot my purse. Lame.  We got right back on the road though and made to Alabama in pretty good time. 
We had quite a few stops but only one that lasted longer than 10 minutes.  We stopped at the Mississippi Welcome Center and had a picnic lunch that I had made the night before (mom points!).  It was good for all of us to get out of the car for about 40 minutes and run around. 

I took pictures from an odd perspective and sent "Do you you know where we are?" texts to my mom, dad and sister. This drive has become a tradition in itself.
I am so happy that the kids were able to sleep a lot on the way...especially the big kids.  G kept himself pretty occupied and didn't fall into a deep sleep until we were about 2 hours away. 

Since we arrived we have had a pretty laid back time.  We've been visiting with family, eating out and having a big time.

We made it to the pool today where it started lightening about 15 minutes after the kids got in the pool.  We huddled under the covered area and waited it out.  After the lifeguards saw lightening they had to wait 30 more minutes before anyone could get in.  After the last lightning we saw, we headed on to the tennis courts to goof around. We waited long enough and were able to spend the rest of the afternoon in the water.  Well, B and the kids did...I got to watch the fun and visit with my uncle.

My Papa

Visiting (and obviously R is very annoyed?)

B, my uncle and T


G and R


And then it started raining.....

waiting on the rain to stop

.....but it stopped and we were able to play

Tomorrow we are off to my aunt and uncle's lake house and I am pumped.  Hoping the rain stays away until we have all of our fun.  I hope everyone has a fab 4th!!

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