Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day at the Waterpark...

Thursday I took the kiddos to a water park nearby and by nearby I mean an hour and a half away (this is Texas, that's normal).  It is the perfect size, not too big where you could lose the kids in a heartbeat.  All of the slides are fun and they have plenty of areas for kids of all ages. 
I went on one slide....didn't realize how fast I would be going.  As I popped out of the water, so did a little something else. But a minor wardrobe malfunction didn't put a dent in my day.  
T was at camp so I took G, R and my niece.  The girls spent most of their time on the Lazy River and watched G go down slide after slide.  I also let G reapply my sunscreen...which wasn't a good idea.  I now have an extremely fashionable "tan line" that consists of splotches.  Don't worry, it will catch on.  Soon, all the cool kids will be sporting one. 
I spent a whopping $12 at the snack bar, which I'm pretty proud of.  The great thing about this place is that you can bring all the food and drinks you want so I packed a lunch for all of us, granola bars, water, and juice boxes.  Their treat was Dippin' Dots at the snack bar.  
I didn't bring my fancy schmancy camera, all I was armed with was my stupid Blackberry, so enjoy...

My poor boy with his black eye.   He and another boy had a head on collison in Tae Kwon Do the other day. He's pretty proud of it.

Doing the Cupid Shuffle

The girlies and me

The monkey boy

He did the Criss Cross about 20 times.....

My niece trying to make her way across

R making it.....wobbly, but still making it.

The girls in the Lazy River

Accidental splits!

G and my niece went on all of these slides except for the white one.  And they loved it.

I would say they had a good time....wiped smooth out!

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