Monday, June 4, 2012

Just call me Diego....

This morning we found a baby Mockingbird under the bushes in our backyard. 

Usually when I find a bird on the ground outside I look straight to Daphne, our one million year old mutt, because she is the Bird Killer. 

She looks vicious, right?

She might have not been the one to cause it this time.  Reason 1, I can't find the nest to put this chirping baby back into, so I don't know how she would have. 

Let's get things straight, I am completely co dependent and seeing poor baby animals unable to fend for themselves creates huge amounts of anxiety. 

We scooped the baby bird up(with gloves, of course) and went searching for a nest to put him back into.  We found not one stinkin' nest.

Anxiety going up.

We found a plastic container and lined it with paper towels.  Put the bird in there and put it back under the bush where the bird was.  We witnessed the mama bird trying to feed it when we first saw it out of the window, so we figured she would keep feeding it if we just kept it in the same spot. 

This is before creating the fake nest

We were right.  Score 1.

Anxiety coming down a bit.

While I had R playing bird spy at the window so that earlier mentioned Cold Blooded Killer Dog wouldn't maim the poor thing, I looked up every number and contact I could find for our county.  Good news: found 4 hotlines or direct numbers.  Bad news: hotline is automated and direct lines didn't answer.  

Anxiety moving right back up.

I finally heard back from the rehabber (as I was told) and she said she wouldn't be home for awhile.  Have me a number to call, they didn't answer.

Seriously?!  I am trying to save a life here, people!!

I made lunch for the kids while staring out of the window the entire time.  Finally, I get a call back from the rescue place.  He told me I had done everything correctly. 

What?  Just call me frickin' Diego. 

The only thing we needed to do was to poke holes in the bottom of the container and then put it up higher in the hedges away from Killer.  So, we had take the baby bird out again, create a fake little nest and put him in the middle of the hedges.

We watched the mama bird feed him when he was under the bush and we waited for her to find him higher up.  She did. 

All is well right now in the bird rescue world.

Nestled snugly in the hedges

Charlie Chirpy

He's pretty darn cute, right? 

Let's hope it stays this way because I don't think I can handle the suspense.


  1. Awww. I have found some baby ones in my yard and I get so anxious too LOL


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