Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I heart Faces photo challenge {ALL BOY}

If you are a regular reader of mine than you have seen this photo.  For those of you who are  new here's the backstory.

G had been sick for days with a fever that couldn't make up it's mind, goopy eyes, and a runny/stopped up nose. He still wanted to play outside.  Until the big kids just drove him up the wall. 

When they finally had ticked him off enough, he went and jumped on Samuel (his bouncy horse) and cried.

It took a while to get this photo because he was hiding his face from me.  I finally got him to smile.  But the lone tear falling down his cheek is just heartbreaking.

Luckily, he's feeling great now and I got an amazing picture out of the moment.

You should totally head over to I Heart Faces and enjoy all of the entries.

Photo Challenge Submission


  1. What a beautiful child. : ) I'm sorry his siblings made him cry.


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