Friday, May 18, 2012

Moving on out world!

This week has been all about moving on up in the world.  My husband was offered a job promotion and now G graduated from pre school! 

This graduation thing is really throwing me off this year.  He has been with the amazing Mrs. Holly since he was 2 1/2 and now at 5 1/2, he is ready (more than ready) for Kindergarten. 

The thing is....I will be the teacher next year.  For the first time. 

Out of all three of the kiddos, they have all gone off to Kindergarten with smiles on their faces but tears streaming down my face.  Many thoughts have run through my mind....and have people have not been shy about offering their opinion on the matter but I honestly believe that this is the right move. 

A little nervous? Yes.  Excited?  Definitely.  I am pumped about this new journey and I am confident in our decision we made as parents.  G is already on his last set of Kindergarten sight words and is well on his way to being a great reader.  The other 2 kiddos were in the same spot when they were that age but I honestly just thought that Kinder was the next they went.  Homeschooling has evolved in my mind since then. 

I don't see any reason why not, actually.  He will be able to learn in a loving, encouraging environment.  He will learn about things that sometimes get passed over in public schools.  Yes, he will be the only "student" at home but he will have plenty of social interaction. 

I am excited about all of the possibilities that are out there.  He will be able to have experiences that he wouldn't be able to have in a traditional school.  I have been given the run down by many well meaning family friends about all of the things he will miss about being in a traditional kindergarten but I am positive he will be fine.  He has been in a structured pre school since the age of 2 1/2 and knows how to line up, sit quietly, do his work, keep his hands to himself...all of the little things that some kids are learning in kindergarten.  He will be just fine. 

Now, onto the graduation.  The moms who were in charge this year were amazing and I have no doubt that the main mama in charge could make a successful party planner.  The theme this year was the circus and everything was just too cute.  I realized when I was uploading pictures that I never took pictures of the table all decorated.  So, just imagine it and know it was genius. 
My boy all ready to go
the dudes....

his award this year....Most Clever :)

Our graduate trying to escape from picture taking....
G and his magical pre school teacher, the infamous Mrs. Holly :)
G and his Pop and Gran :)

G and his Boogie :)


  1. Wonderful pictures and congrats on hubby's new direction!

  2. What a cutie-patootie. Such a great smile. I applaud your homeschooling plans. I think homeschoolers are the best. Because your heart is in it, you and your son will do fine!

  3. Fun! I actually graduated myself this year. But it is much more to watch your kiddo's succeed and be the cheerleader on the sideline.


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