Monday, May 21, 2012

I'm Blank Because.....

I stumbled across an amazing blogger this morning...and by stumbled upon, I mean I saw a pin on Pinterest and it directed me to her blogging brilliance. Little Miss Momma might be a blogger you regularly follow....I feel so out of the loop.  She has a great post to get you out of your writer's funk and listed her own posts to give you some fresh, new ideas.  The "Blank" topic came from that post.  

I seriously get over excited when I find a blogger that I truly enjoy.  In her post listing the 10 topics and prompts  I realized that I had already done a few of these but there are some on the list that I can't wait to write about.  Life List...I'm talking to you.

I'm weird because

I keep my hair long....just so I can pull it up
I don't wash my hair everyday (gasp!)
Putting on lipstick feels foreign
I am an extrovert that has issues walking up to a crowd...
I don't brush  my hair every day either....true story
I compete full throttle in games with my oldest child. He's 13...and he usually beats me at Scrabble anyway
I love the feel of sand in between my toes but a walk in dew dampened grass gives me the heebie-jeebies
I hate goodbyes
I have a tattoo....of a snail
I eat lunch like a kid...throw me an apple, cheese and Goldfish and I'm good to go
When I walk through a clothing store...I touch everything
Movie trivia? Bring it.  I've got this hemmed up, I know every character actor you never wanted to know about
I still smell my kids' heads
There is no cuddling, snuggling or spooning in my bed...when it's time to sleep you need to mosey on over to your side of the bed, homeslice
I'm weird about smells....I use a face scrub because it reminds of my grandmother
Growing up I thought I would someday marry David Bowie or Tim Curry. Yes, I realize that they both dressed in drag at some point. No, I don't want to know what Freud would say about that.
Clearance sections are my friends
I would rather go to Walgreen's and spend more money and have no line to wait in than enter Wal Mart, ever
I would rather be the passenger than the driver anytime...except for when my husband's driving
I pray more in the bathroom and my car than I ever do kneeling
I will stop a conversation mid sentence to point out a beautiful bird flying overhead or a cloud in the shape of something crazy

I'm a bad friend because...

I hate talking on the phone
I have a hard time getting out of my "home zone" on the weekends
I'm a grudge holder
I'm a bad listener
I talk too much
I have conversational ADD

I'm a good friend because....

I'm loyal
I love my friends to pieces
I will go to bat for you, sister
I like a girl's night out...even if I'm not good at planning one
Laughing a lot is a favorite past time of mine
Your kids = my kids
I will not judge you because I love you and probably because I have been there

random it sad that I have way more I'm weird traits than good friend traits?

I'm sad because...

my kids are growing up at a rate that seems way too fast
childhood just seemed easier in the 80's and 90's...or am I just in denial?
my extended family all lives far away...and I only get to see them once a year
I can't get motivated to finish a book
sometimes, I feel like we are doing things all wrong
I want to move but I know we can't just yet
I'm done having kiddos and I miss being pregnant and having a newborn
traveling out of the country is just out of reach at the moment
I miss my sister....she lives about 3 hours away yet we only see each other once a month (sometimes).  I would love to be able to get away and go spend time with myself
I can't do it all.

I'm happy because....

my family is just the family I was intended to have
I met my soul mate at the age of 17
we are a little wacky and weird and I'm good with that
Summer time!
my dad gets a new lease on life
The Hubs has been offered a new job within the company and I kind of feel like singing The Jefferson's theme song
the Emerald Coast is just a little over a month away
my kids love me
I am deeply in love with  my husband and thank God everyday for him...even though sometimes I want to squeeze his face off, I still appreciate him and know that we are together...forever.  Plus, I don't really think he could afford the child support for three kids.
I get to be a stay at home mom...I will always be happy about this, even when I'm paying bills and thinking, "Do we really need electricity?"
I have a huge shade tree in my front yard, this makes me happy
I have a relationship with THE most amazing man in the world.  He also has a beard, which I've always really gotten down with.  He likes to dress like a hippie and is building a house for me and my family, right now, in what some may call paradise but I just refer to it as Heaven. He totally took all of my mistakes off of my shoulders and put them on his own.  He loves me unconditionally, even though I'm completely weird and random.  Even though, I can be a bad friend and a crappy homemaker.  Even when I forget to pray or if I lose my patience.  This dude truly loves me.  And THAT makes me happy.

I'm excited for....

this summer when we will once again road trip it 12 hours away
making a family
the kids making memories at camp on their own
last day of school!
new babies coming into this world that I will get to snuggle and rock and then hand back to their mommies so they may deal with dirty diapers and sleepless nights
Hubby's new job.....every other Friday off! Score!
moving my blog to Wordpress at some point in the near future
next year's brand spankin' new adventure of homeschooling my youngest
attempting to make yoga a part of my life
putting my toes in the sugar white sand of the Florida panhandle in July

I hope that you can find some inspiration here in my weirdness and create your own Blank post.  Leave me a comment with the link so I can check your post out and let Little Miss Momma know, too because I'm sure she would dig the fact that we all got a little jolt of writing energy from her.

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  1. Just checked out Little MIss're right - a beautiful blog. I hopped around and read different things. She's very creative and sweet. I subscribed for email updates. I'm still finding great blogs from the A-Z challenge. Was happy to find yours too!


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