Monday, April 2, 2012

A is for Awkward....

What age would you consider the most awkward?  I can only determine the awkward level on  my own experiences really...because hey, some people may not be bothered by zits, oily skin, weight gain....oh, wait that's what I'm going through now at 31.  I'm talking awkward...I think my most awkward age was 12, I was in 7th grade and not quite sure about what to wear, who to hang out with, and let's be often to wash my hair.  I knew I was awkward, I'm sure if there was a camera crew following me around in 7th grade we would see a girl in a silk shirt, high waisted Z.Cavaricci jeans, greasy hair and braces...walking with her head down and just trying to avoid eye contact.  The most awkward year of my life seemed like it lasted forever at the time....but it passed and in 8th grade I was like a different person. 
As an adult, I look back on what age I was "awkward" and 7th grade is a given but a time when I didn't feel awkward but looked it was when I was about 10 years old.  I had no qualms about myself at that time and that was pre braces.  It was a time that I'm sure my mom remembers as awkward because now I am at the same point with my own daughter.  She is 10 and gorgeous and sweet and loves to laugh.  She is also right at that point where in the next year or two she is going to really grow.  She has her sweet cheeks still, which I know will thin out and she will start to look like more of a young lady rather than a little girl...and it kind of breaks my heart.  I can see the exact point in life she is in because I can look back at my own life like a timeline.  She looks similar to how I looked in 5th grade, right before I shot up and thinned out.  I think it is probably harder for the mom at this point than it is for the daughter.  This picture is of my sister and and me in about 1990.  I am the super cool chick in a mid Running Man pose, rolled acid washed jeans and black socks.  My ultra cool sister is the one with all the trendy clothes on.  She was and will always be way cooler than me.  As you can tell, I didn't feel awkward, I really kind of loved myself.  I can only wonder what my mom thought when I walked out with that outfit on.  The one thing my mom did not have to contend with was the tight clothes that are pretty much the only thing on racks these days...we had it easy then.  Baggy was cool!!  I might just have R start a revolution and wear baggy clothes, it would make things a lot easier. I'll stay away from the acid washed jeans though.

The good thing is, R doesn't realize she's at an awkward age, just like I didn't.  She still laughs as loud as she can, she wears the clothes she wants to wear, and she doesn't care what anyone thinks.  I truly hope she keeps that confidence and doesn't take the real awkward age as serious as I did.  She's also less awkward than I ever was...her teeth are so much prettier than mine were and her hair is amazing and thick. 
What age was your awkward?

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