Monday, March 26, 2012

Bragging about your kids never gets old....

G had his Belt Promotion testing on Saturday to move up to the next level in Tae Kwon Do and he did so good!  Yes, I am biased....but he did perfectly.  He also had a blast, which is even better. 

He was so proud of himself.  I am so happy that he has found something he loves.  We are so used to being a soccer family that I forget there are other sports out there....he has had more fun with TKD than he did this fall with soccer.  Of course, we are still a soccer loving bunch so we will have to make time for both.
On another note....anyone getting any spring cleaning done?  I have to confess....we just found some snow gear (still wet) hanging out in the car from our Spring Break trip...needless to say they are drying right now and I am hoping that the mildew smell goes away in time. 
Something about this weather always makes me want to garden and sit outside in the hammock.  I can not do both at the same we chose to swing in the hammock this weekend.  I did pull out the leaf blower, if that counts. 
We also discovered a cardinal nest in our flower bed this weekend.  I feel like a 3 year old as much as I am going to the window to check on them.  Cardinals happen to be my favorite grandmother would always point them out to us and tell us to make a wish on the male Red Cardinals.  I still to this day make a wish every time I see one and I tell my kids to do the same.  A little wish never hurt anybody. 
Look closely....there are little Cardinal eggs in there.

On a completely different note.....this week is the STAAR testing for both of my bog kids.  Raise your hand is you hate standardized testing.  (MY hand is raised and waving wildly right now)  These tests drive everyone crazy, especially the teachers.  I don't know how they handle all the stress.  My daughter, is a horrible tester.  I am not saying she does horrible ON tests, I'm saying she doesn't handle tests well.  She is one smart cookie but when it comes to tests she lets the stress outweigh her knowledge.  My oldest, on the other hand, doesn't ever worry about a test.  In Texas, the STAAR test has taken on a new weight of it's very own.   I take the approach of telling my kids to think of the test like any other.....
STAAR testing is Tuesday and Wednesday so send up a special prayer for students and teachers.
Well, the weather is gorgeous and it's about time for me to go outside for about the 10th time have a wonderful rest of the week.

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