Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Project 365....Day 2

Today started out pretty rough.  R, my 10 year old daughter....had a...let's call it a "moment"...this morning.  She is what you would call unpredictable; one day she's as happy as can be getting up and then the next she wakes up and you feel like you might have been cast in another Exorcism movie.  Lately, it's been the Exorcism set...which really starts your day out perfectly.  It usually stems from somewhere and I can only guess that this morning wasn't the best because today was Class Picture Day.  Problem?  She couldn't decide what to wear.  Even though I woke her up 30 minutes earlier.  She stood inside of her closet and stared at all of her clothing choices for those 30 minutes.  I offered my opinions and she scoffed like I was some complete loser (which I guess I might be in her mind).  I told her just wear jeans and a cute top....her reply: " I don't have any jeans to wear!".  At this point at looked into her closet...at the 12 pairs of pants and jeans she had on the shelf...and laughed.  You know the laugh, the maniacal laugh of all mothers after we've had ENOUGH.  She is not one to listen to your rant and then put her head down and walk away.  She fights back.  Like a frickin' Mama Grizzly bear. 
I'm sure you get it by now, that we were both in tears by the time she finally got to school this morning.  Me out of frustration and anger.  Her out of anger and....confusion, because she always claims to have "done nothing wrong".
I didn't even call my mom and tell her about our little conundrum today.  I honestly didn't want to hear an "I told you so" or "You were just like that at her age."  which I am sure that both would be adequate.  Sadly, I am grudge holder.  I know, I know....let it go.  Be free...blahdy, blahdy, blah....but that's what I cleaned like Martha Stewart on crack today...okay, I wouldn't go that far.  Maybe just like me with more coffee.  I cleaned and dusted, and scrubbed the bathroom floor on my hands and knees.  And it worked.  I got over it.  Mostly.  She is grounded from TV tonight because of the ugly things she said during her rant this morning.  Which led to my picture for today.  She was outside by herself and happily drawing hopscotch all over the driveway and skipping away. 

Yes, I know, she's cute as can be.  I agree....but I must say I'm a teensy (and by teensy I mean immensely) worried  that if class picture day causes this much of a freak out....I am NOT looking forward to the teen years.  If you would like to join in on Project 365 or you are already doing your own, please share the love!  I want to see all the cool pictures!

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  1. ok all I can do is laugh because I understand completely!
    Mine is an 8 yrs old but I must say the clothes issue has gotten better than when she was 5. Well crap I say that and then not 10 mins ago she was having a cow because I would not let her wear tinnie tiny shorts to twirliing.... wear your jazz pants "I DON"T KNOW WHERE THEY ARE" I have heard this two weeks in a row. This week I went to her drawer and puled out 3 pairs so yeah maybe it has gotten better but its still not good! Plus Ashley has to pick out her clothes the night before or she will get grounded because yeah she was that bad. :)


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