Monday, January 9, 2012

The beginning....of Project 365: a picture a day for a year

I was inspired by a pin I saw the other day on Pinterest....a woman who happens to be a mother and photographer, realized that she wasn't taking pictures of the moments everyday that her family would cherish in the future. 
Don't we all do that?  We have the pose in front of the Christmas tree, the smiling, happy children pose with Easter outfits on, the Birthday picture by the cake....but we forget the moments that come and go so quickly. 
I am not a photographer.  My love of pictures comes from my admiration of others' photos and the inspiration it gives me to click away.  I figured I could handle a picture a day, and what better way to document our day to day lives than with simple shots taken each day?  Yes, it would have been ideal to start this adventure on New Year's Day...never being on track with everyone else...I am starting my adventure today.  January 9, 2012.  It's a Monday, so at least I have that going for me. 

Picture #1
It has been raining here all day.  I'm talking downpours, tornado warnings, thunder and lightning.  I love the rain, I love a good storm and I think I have passed that love down to at least two of the kids.  G and I have been at the window back and forth all day watching the rain.  It had finally slacked off and the sun peeked out and I snapped this shot of him kissing the window with his biggest kissy-lips possible. 

You can find the pin that leads to the post that inspired me right here.

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