Monday, January 16, 2012

Project 365: Day 8....and a belated Wacky Day post

It was a sunny 76 degrees here in Texas today.  The kids played outside the majority of the day until we brought them in for an early movie date.  Dolphin Tale, popcorn, Coke for a treat....we all piled into the family room with pillows and blankets.  Great movie, amazing story.  Yes, I cried. 
It was nice to spend time together until B had to head into work.  I now have all 3 of the kiddos in their beds.....and I plan on hopping in the shower....oh, the luxuries of motherhood.  A quiet shower? Score. 

Just another normal day at the Dodds' household.....

I never posted about G's Wacky Day at school.....
We've discussed his.....well, lack of being flexible.  Which makes Wacky Day, a bit hard for him. The only mismatching his does is by complete accident.  Like I've said before, it comes packaged together or if it was on a mannequin together at a store and comes home with him....then it will stay  He was able to agree on mismatching his shoes and mussing his hair up quite a bit but if you didn't look closely, you wouldn't have noticed much. So, here is The Boy in all of his wacky-ness.

You may unshield your eyes now....I know that craziness was a lot to take.

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