Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Keep on keepin' on.....

Epic fail on the 365 project.  It is okay....I will play catch up.  But other than that, today has been pretty great.  Got out of my little rut....or as others might call it..a routine this morning.  A great friend of mine invited me out to lunch and to make a stop at a farmer's market.  Usually Tuesdays....I am cleaning all day to prepare for small group on Wednesday nights.  Thank goodness, I stepped out of my little box I call "home" and got out for a bit.  A little girl talk does the brain well. 
I really think that if I allowed myself to, I could be one of those women who never left the house.  I am already that way with the grocery store.  I mean, really.....how often do you actually see people you want to see there.  How wonderful is it to stroll down each aisle and try to visualize the list that you left on the counter at home?  Ugh.  Hate the grocery store.  Yet, I do have to leave the house, there are games to attend and bills to pay.  So, it was nice today to get a break from the norm, which as you can tell, I haven't had a whole lot of since B has been on nights. 
At the farmer's market today I snagged squash, strawberries (3 cartons because my boys are strawberry addicts), green beans, onions, and pears.  Beautiful produce, I tell you.  G had a plateful of strawberries for dessert and then a pear for his dessert after his dessert.
So, on with Project 365:
Day 12:

Hubby and T playing Xbox before he has to go to work...
  Day 13:

Farm fresh goodness...

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  1. I am a strawberry addict. Glad not to be alone. My mom use to say I was going to turn into one when I was a little girl because I couldn't get enough when they were in season.


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