Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Miss me much?

It has been weeks since a post and I can honestly say it's because there simply hasn't been time.  My dad has been back in the hospital for 2 weeks now and as of tomorrow he should officially be on the list to receive a heart transplant.  This has been a long journey for him, his first pacemaker or defibrillator as long ago as 1991. 
The most recent scares have brought to light many things for me.  First of all, with congenital heart failure being as close in the family as my dad, I know I need to go to a doctor and at least have a check up.  Second....organ donation is a very real thing.  Of course, I've thought about organ donation and I can't say some of it doesn't scare me or freak me out a little.  Now that it has hit so close to home, I couldn't tell the rest of my family fast enough that I wanted to be a donor.  My dad has lived a pretty amazing life....he has traveled and worked all over the world, he has had 4 children and 2 step children, he has 4 grandchildren and a wife who loves him and loves to take care of him, and more than friends than most people I know.  He has been blessed beyond measure but I we need a heart for him to continue living his blessed life and enjoying his family and friends. 
It is hard to pray specifically in this matter for me. I know that I am praying for all of our faith to remain strong under the pressure that we are all under, for the doctors to have compassion and empathy, for my dad to remain calm and sure of his faith and place in the world. I pray that he will be stronger than I've seen him in a long time and that he will look back on this as a trial he had to endure to get further in his faith. 
So, now that you know WHY I have been gone from the blogosphere so long, I can get back to blogging and posting pictures of all the fun stuff we've squeezed in along the way.....including another class field trip to Dewberry Farms, this time for Fall fun!

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  1. Missed you :) I'm sorry you have had so much "stuff" going on. It sounds like your Dad is very loved. I will keep him in my prayers. - Melia


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