Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day weekend, more soccer and crazy weather and parents

We headed out to Houston for my oldest son's weekend long soccer tournament on Saturday morning, bright and early.  This is our first time playing Division 2 soccer and he's always played up but never this far.  He is playing for a U-15 team....which means the kids that are playing pretty much have mustaches and body hair while T has.....well, he's 12 1/2!  You get the picture.  As long as we've been involved in soccer....since T was around 3.....I have seen many different types of parents.  The good, the loud and the downright ugly.  This weekend topped it all off though.  In our last game yesterday we unfortunately witnessed the worst kind of sportsmanship.  These guys and their parents were nuts....the parents were yelling at our boys from the sidelines.  Picking them out individually and letting them have it.  Cussing, yelling, the whole shebang.  Ridiculous.  I've heard that the parents of Division 2 players can get a little....ahem....competitive.  This is just uncalled for.  I am truly hoping that was the worst we will ever have to be a part of  the rest of the season.  We haven't even started regular season yet...that was our 1st tournament. 
To make it even better.....the wind was outta' control and my eyes have never been redder.  The sand and dust flying everywhere....I've never seen that.  And the poor boys had to play in it.  It did make it much cooler on Sunday, we were just caked in dirt.  And I mean caked, we could draw pictures on our skin.  Disgusting.  Made the shower when we finally trekked home all the better. 
We got home and I know I fell asleep before 9....laying on my bed with the little one.  Today we were lazy but I did decide to celebrate a day off of regular routine and headed to a movie with a friend.
The Help was ah-mazing!!!  The book was better...but what book isn't?  I loved the casting, the costumes, the touches of the South that others might miss was all impeccable.  Loved it, recommend it, will want to see it again. 

Houston Dynamo's mascot, Diesel, was in love with B's hair and kept fluffing it. Then he decided to strike a few poses.

Mr. T the red and white in the middle.  This was the team that was so mean in the yellow.

This morning....after getting my Pinterest fix which happens pretty much all day off and on (let's be honest), I found some more cute DIY ideas.  Got inspired by the recycled t shirt crafts and found my own that I loved.  No sew, of course, because I am the opposite of a crafty mom.  We went with 2 colors instead of 1 and went with our high school's colors...maroon and white!  Super cute and easy and we even made a braided bracelet/hair "bow" with the scraps of the recycled t shirt we stole from the hub's closet.  We were inspired by This Old Dress.  I am now a follower of hers and will be visiting the site again and again.  She is a treasure trove of DIY info!  If you are an amzing DIY-er and especially with recycled stuff, please find me on Pinterest and let me Pinterest button is to your right -->

Braided necklace made from recycled t shirt, modeled by her Highness of Morning Hair

The finished cute.  Can't wait for Friday night!

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