Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I'm Diggin' Wednesday {Blog Linky}

A little about half a day....but I am getting my house prepared for a whole mess of kids to come over for our first small group of the year.  Cleaned yesterday, vacuumed today along with picking up here and there.  I am also having a ridiculously hard time deciding how many pizzas we should order for their oh-so-nutritious dinner.  4? 5?
So....what am I diggin' this week? 

Book I read this week:
Too Good To Be True
Kristan Higgins

I love this author.  Her characters are so flawed yet hilarious and wonderful.  Love them. 

Favorite song of the week:

This song speaks to me in so many ways and I love the message it send to people of all ages.  Makes my heart melt everytime I hear it.  Tenth Avenue North....You Are More

What I've been up to:

Try and ignore the bare light switches and walls....that is my project for this weekend. And the unmade bed in R's room....I need to be more of a stickler but I'm not right when they start back to school.

The walls are killing me because they're so bare.....but I love the antique mirror my aunt gave me!

Our lime green cabinet that is housing ALL games to ALL game systems, turned out funky just like we wanted, it used to be white.

These curtains block out so much heat and light and I got them for 1/2 off at Kohl's! Paired with my Target lamp, I like the pop of color.  And the bowl? It's for the cell phones during small group tonight.

My favorite little section of the room, my beach shelf.  All of the sand is from my favorite beach, Panama City Beach, and so are some of the shells.  The calm in my storm.

R's room. Baby blue walls sprinkled with Peace signs and her masterpiece of a hand painted mirror.

Yes, that is a wall of Bieber and Taylor Swift...more to come I'm sure.
So, what are you diggin' this week?? Let me know.....and link up!

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