Monday, August 29, 2011

Miscellany Monday.....

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This is my first time linking up to Miscellany Monday so pardon if I'm doing it wrong...or just sit back and enjoy the train wreck.  And be sure to head over to lowercase letters and link up.  So glad I found her blog, I will be a returning visitor, for sure. 

1.  This weekend we had an abundance of good and bad.  My husband and one of our closest friends were out in the yard way past midnight....up to their knees in dirt....yeah we'll just say dirt.....because the clean out was completely plugged.  They tried every snake they could find and poured everything imaginable down the toilet and clean out trying to flush something, ANYthing out.  To no avail. Since Hubby's a pipefitter, plumbers and the like can only be called after he has exhausted everything he possibly knows to do.  It happened.  I called and sweet talked a guy to come out and use his mega snake to help us out.  Turns out, we still don't know what it was.  He said it felt like a water bottle.....hmmm.  It's working now, so I'll move on.

2.  We had small group this past week for the 7th and 8th graders...this will continue through the year. I had the room all nice and ready for them.....I really wish I would've gotten a picture of it completely full of kiddos.

Looks cozy, right?
3.  Last night after a day full of a baby shower (and shopping for that shower first thing in the morning because I'm a chronic procrastinator), stressing over the plumbing issue, and shuttling T where he needs to be.....I went out to visit with my dad who works in Georgia and I'm glad to have home for awhile.  My gorgeous niece just happened to be there....darn the luck. Holding a there a better time? No.

Trying to get a burp out of sweet baby
4.  T will be in his first tournament as a Division 2 soccer player this entire weekend.  He is super pumped and I'm glad.  My brain is also running overtime thinking how I will keep G entertained (and cool) the whole weekend. 

5.  Small group again the host, I will be making the meals each week.  Buying pizza every week is just not plausible, way too expensive and I would love to give these kids a good, stable meal each week.  This week will be Tacos! 

Well, that was fun.  Now, on to the rest of my day.  I think I can hear my laundry calling me from the hamper....or maybe it's just walking off on it's own. 

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