Saturday, August 27, 2011

Beach Baptism!

I was baptized at the age of 6, in the Methodist church my family and I started going to when we moved to Texas.   It was a sprinkling of water and I really don't remember it....and I had left my church long before having Confirmation classes.  My parents got divorced when I was 14, I don't really remember going to church after that except for holidays or special occasions.  I probably should have been there....I could have avoided a lot of heartbreak if I would have remained in a church and close to God. 
But....I didn't.  I took for granted that He would always be there for me in the End and I probably didn't have to worry about much up until that point.  Then, I got married and had a child, God became something more to me then.  We started getting involved in the same church I was baptized in.  When #2 came along, we were going pretty regularly.  #3, yep, still involved but drifting....felt kind of monotonous.  And my husband wasn't going as much with us, he just didn' feel like he belonged. 
I craved more and wanted more for my family.  So, I started rededicating myself to God and reading the Bible more, studying scriptures a bit, and getting into an amazing group of women who I can't thank enough for their help in our journey.  We have now found the perfect church home for our family and I don't feel like I am going to church on Sundays just to...go to church.  It's about what He has to say to me when I'm there, about the people that are in that church and how I feel when I walk through the doors. 
We were baptized today by immersion.  And it really was awesome.  Our oldest went through a class and has accepted Christ on his he was included today and we got to help with it. 

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  1. such a beautiful thing, isn't it?
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