Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What I'm Diggin' Wednesday Blog Hop


I'm diggin' Summer!  Even though I battled a seriously harsh stomach bug the other night, I am determined to recover so we can get back in the swing of things. My big kids head to camp Sunday and will be gone through Thursday.  They go back again the next Sunday because we paid for a second session, and come home that Thursday.  When they get back we're off to Alabama to visit my family for a few weeks, so who knows what this poor little blog will look like in between. 
I'm putting a few pics of our fun weekend at the Downtown Aquarium and then it's Q & A time!

On our Shark Voyage

Saw Fish...super cool!

Trying to point out the crazy Manta Rays in the Aquarium Restaurant

My soon to be 7th grader (eek!)

They were finding all the fish from Finding Nemo, of course.

T petting Sting rays


Check out R's farmer's tan! ;)

B taking G for a ride on the carousel
Q & A Time!!

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1. What 3 things do you use everyday? No matter what?

2. Coffee or tea?  And how do you take it?

3. Where do you shop for your wardrobe favorites?  What about for your kids (if you have any)?

4.  When you were a kid, did you go to Summer Camp?

5.  What trait in your spouse/partner drives you nuts but you couldn't live without it?

1. What 3 things do you use everyday? No matter what?

1. Aveeno Daily Moisturizer Spf 15
2. Coffee Maker (which means half and half and Splenda come right along with it, which is not cheating....)
3.  Paring knife....we eat a lot of apples around here!

2. Coffee or tea? And how do you take it?

Definitely coffee!  And I already mentioned the creamy deliciousness of half and half (extra fat and calories be damned) and the Splenda (yes, yes, I know....so not natural).  I do love tea, just not hot.  So the only way I take my tea is....sweet.

3. Where do you shop for your wardrobe favorites? What about for your kids (if you have any)?

You know, I am high class so my fave would be Old Navy.  Next up, would be Gap.  My sister recently warped my brain by taking me to Anthropologie  and showing me all the things I could never buy unless there was a 75% off sale.  I did find some amazing things...on sale of course....2 pairs of linen pants in gorgeous colors and a cute pair of navy shorts all for $97!  That's right....the queen of cheap can find a sale anywhere...even in River Oaks. 

My kids are the same as myself...Old Navy and Gap.  This is because I find really great deals online, and that's really the only way I shop anymore.  I also love Tea Collection for the gorgeous selection that they have and their prices are so good for the quality of the clothing.  They are having a great sale right now as a matter of fact.

4. When you were a kid, did you go to Summer Camp?

I did not. (insert sad, deprived face)  I honestly thought only kids up North did that, I must have seen a TV show or something, who know.  My mom told me she never mentioned it to us because she was too nerous to let us go somewhere around water without her or someone she trusted.  We did take long vacations to my grandparents and stayed there by ourselves.  I do make sure my kids go to Summer camps though.  T has been going since he was in 3rd grade and loves it every summer.  He goes to a few actually.  R has her first summer camp experience this summer.  They leave Sunday and are staying 2 weeks with a few days break in between.  I am not sure how G will behave with the "big kids" gone.  (he'll probably be ecstatic!)

5. What trait in your spouse/partner drives you nuts but you couldn't live without it?

my best friend, The Working Momaholic, was the creator of this humdinger......
I could live without his snoring, but not if that meant he wasn't sleeping with me.  Okay, he could not be sleeping with me because he is a super snuggler as I am a side of the bed hugger who wants to be left alone...but I wouldn't want him like out of the house or anything.  Okay, think positive, cute, snuggly stuff...
Does his hair count?  Because I constantly pick on him about his hair, just the sheer poofiness of it really, but I really do like it.  Especially when he pushes his sunglasses on top of his head and then he gets a very 70's vibe.  So, I like it...even though we have taken to calling him Poofy, Poof Daddy and numerous other names.  We also call him Cee Lo and he's not short, bald or black.  Family love is a love like no other.

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