Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Soda Stream {Review with pics..}

I was sent a Soda Stream a while back and can honestly say I was surprised by how much I liked it! I am not a soda buyer.  It feels funny saying "soda"....I am from the South and we don't really say "soda".  We call everything "Coke".  Is it a liquid that fizzes and tastes really good?  It's a Coke.  Doesn't matter if it's Dr. Pepper, Pepsi (but, why?), Diet Coke...it's just Coke to us...we only specify when ordering.  I guess I can't really call it a Coke Stream....that would mean they would owe Coke a lot of money.  Soda Stream is good though, it makes sense to all you Yankees.  So, as I was saying I am not a "soda" buyer.  I don't buy it because we really just drink tea and juice around this house.  When we do buy 2 liters it is for a special occasion or get together where I need to satisfy a lot of people.
I guess you would like to know if I liked this Soda Stream contraption (goin' real old school). 

Things I love about the Soda Stream:
  • not buying 2 liters of anything
  • all natural flavor choices
  • unique flavors that satisfy grown ups too
  • sleek design
  • environmentally friendly
  • quick
  • easy
  • you don't have 12 packs covering your pantry floor anymore!  (or in my case, my kitchen floor because I don't have a big pantry)
  • color choices for the Soda Stream to match any kitchen
Things I could do without:

  • my small kitchen with zilch for cabinet space.  This isn't Soda Stream's fault, how were they to know that I needed a fold up and put away version? Wouldn't have been able to store that either, to be honest.  I already have to shove my coffee maker, crock pot and Sno Cone maker on the surface of one poor little baker's rack.  Why a Sno Cone maker? Because, I live in Texas and it's hot. Without the Soda Stream though, I would have even more space taken up by ugly 12 packs of Coke.  No good. 

We reviewed the Soda Stream while at my friend's house for an impromptu get together.  Just a few adults were there but because we are an extremely fertile group....there was a LOT of kids.  The better to use for my review....MuahHaHaHaHa (that's my evil laugh).  I let the hubs take charge of the review so you could enjoy his luscious head of hair that he can't seem to get trimmed.  Enjoy.....

D was nervous about trying something new.  T though has already drained his cup. :)

We even let the baby have some before bed...she had to be included!

Seconds, please!

G gives Soda Stream a Thumbs Up!

R really loved it!

The grown ups had to have a try too!

Our resident phone man even used the pinkie technique
The flavors are all great, I especially like the Black Currant and Pear!  And we even tried some of them over the shaved ice from my handy dandy Sno Cone maker and it was FABULOUS!  I would definitely recommend Soda Stream for families and anyone who buys sodas.  They also have a whole set of flavors for water and my husband loves the Lemon Lime.  I need to try this since I am not a water drinker but need to be.  There are over 30 flavors to try and everyone in your family will have a favorite.  I was so happy to see some sugar free options because my husband is Type 1 Diabetic.  Anything that can add a little fun to sugar free helps.
Go to Soda Stream and check them out!  Tell them I sent you (it won't matter but you can still tell them).  You can find Soda Stream at thousands of stores now and just imagine all the plastic bottles and aluminum cans you will be keeping out of landfills!  What other product asks you to use tap water?  That's right....the stuff that comes out of your faucet.  Not the bazillion water bottles you have hidden in your house that come from a special spring somewhere...just your normal, every day tap water. 
Here's an interesting tidbit to illustrate how you are reducing your carbon footprint by using Soda Stream:

Think about how many useless bottles or cans would be cluttering your kitchen rather than the 2 other options.  You would be reducing your carbon footprint each time the Soda Stream was used. 
You can find Soda Stream on Facebook and Twitter...they have some fun stuff to see. 

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