Monday, April 11, 2011

Simply ReGift It Review.....and a super secret promo code just for my readers!

How many of us have had a Birthday party in the last few weeks and had to run to the local store and grab a gift bag, tissue paper and a card?? I have!  It really adds up after a while.  It's not so great for the environment either.  All green moms usually have a cardinal rule....reuse before recycling.  The Simply ReGift It bags reinforce this rule.  When you purchase a Friendship Gift bag you are buying a bag that you know will be re-used numerous times.  With so many choices there is a bag for any occasion or person.  My favorites are the Journey Graffiti and Journey Camo....I have a 12 year old son and a 9 year old daughter and these would be great for all of their friends.  I reviewed the Color Me Peace bag and I love it.  I can't say what I am putting in it or who I am sending it to because it has to be a surprise and I know they will read this review. I can't wait to get the journey started though. 
Journey Camo

This is a perfect thing for your kids to do on their own.  There's no need for a card (yay! saving money and paper!), you just have them color in one section of the bag, make sure they put their name somewhere in that section.  Shove some (re-used) tissue paper in the bag over the gift and voila! you're done.   They take the super cute bag to their friend's party and that friend gets to register the bag on the Simply ReGift It website.  This is where the "journey" comes in.  Once the bag is registered on the website it is completely trackable when each person who receives the re gifted bag logs in to the website with the specific number on the inside of the bag.  Your child will be able to see each person who received the bag and it will create a custom message board for that bag. 
These bags are not just for kids though.  The Color Me Peace that I am reviewing could be used for all kinds of parties!  Especially baby showers. 
Color Me Peace
After your Simply ReGift It bag has made the complete journey through all 4 people that last person has the opportunity to cut out the art portion of the bag and send it in to Simply ReGift It.  Once sent in, the lucky people who were involved in the re gifting journey can purchase the artwork they all created together. 
I love finding family owned businesses and Simply ReGift It is one....Jennifer Paretta couldn't have been nicer during this reviewing process and fell in love with this idea.  What a wonderful way to teach your family how to be environmentally responsible.  Re gifting done right should be there motto!  This is a way for kids to share their family's values of being Eco friendly and in a fun way.   Simply ReGift it can also be used in fundraising for many different schools and organizations.  What a great thing to use in fundraising rather than selling that cheap (and tiny) roll of Christmas wrapping paper every school sells throughout the year.  I am excited to see if my Color Me Peace bag is re gifted and to who it will go to.  Visit Simply ReGift It and see all the great options they have in designs and opportunities.  Another great reason to visit....Simply ReGift It is giving my readers an awesome deal!!  Enter the promotion code MAMAFRIENDS and you will receive 5 gift bags for $15 plus a $7 flat rate shipping price!  That's a $40 value, people!! Stock up for all the Birthday parties you have coming up....and if your kids are like've got a ton. 

Journey Graffiti


  1. I'm a huge fan of gift wrap in the form of newspaper. Black and white print looks classic with a pink bow. Comics for kids. Just steer clear of the obits...

  2. That was me commenting Liz! I just can't figure out what to put my profile as. I'm not very Techie. -Jenny


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