Sunday, April 3, 2011

Look Around.....What Sums Up Your Life?

After I got the big kids in their beds (Griff was still trailing behind me), I came back into the living room and was turning off lights and folding blankets that were strewn on the floor when I glanced at this end table.  Nothing different than any other day....especially the dust on the table.  I'm actually surprised there isn't any "signatures" in the dust. 
I looked at the big picture here and smiled.  I didn't doctor this at all, I didn't pose anything or add anything to the table.  This is how it looked at the end of today.  After I glanced at it I noticed that it pretty much sums me up....
A funky garage sale find clock...that I adore
PS: the lamp AND end table are also garage sale finds
my Message Bible
2 of the kiddo's Bibles
an issue of Good Housekeeping on a tray given to us on our wedding day, almost 13 years ago
and 2 (!) pairs of goofy glasses

Now I know there's more to me than party store buys and garage sale deals but it really depends on how you look at it.  When I skim over the rooms we truly live in, I can smile.  Not because I enjoy the clutter or the laundry or the dirty shoes thrown in a basket by the back door....but because you can look at any corner in my house and glimpse into who I am.  Maybe not on the inside, although my mind is a little cluttered as well.....but definitely what my family is like. 
Those goofy glasses are are not an oddity in our house and I can tell you those are not the only pairs lying around here somewhere.  I am pretty silly and my kids are as well....there is nothing better than laughing.  And laughing loud...which I happen to do. 
The Bibles on that end table are the ones I use to lead Bible study time with my kids.  Tonight we read a story out of the baby Bible about we took that story and read the whole thing in my Message Bible.  Exodus came alive for the kids tonight...especially for G who has decided he would like a staff that can turn into a snake. 
The magazine is there because I am a recipe hog and I love getting family based magazines that have wonderful recipes.
The tray I recently found again and figured I needed to use it rather than lose it amid the boxes in the attic.

If you looked at one area of your house and took a quick picture of it exactly as you saw it, no prettying it up, no adding Shakespeare or Jane Austen, just a corner of your home....what would it say about you??  Try it out and let me know!

I posted my picture on my personal Facebook page and one of my friends commented,  " I see faith, fun and family.....if that sums up your life you are a lucky lady!" 
I totally agree with my sweet friend, Jennifer.  I am one lucky lady! 


  1. This is such a great post! My life is a little messy also, with a cluttered house and cluttered brain. And do you know when we are all the least happy? When mommy tries to start cleaning and getting everyone else to clean. It might be better to just let it stay that way. I truthfully would be a little embarassed to show you a picture of my house right now. But, we had friends over today, did crafts, played Wii dance together and read books. So, I guess the housework can wait!

  2. Love it, my favorite part is the funny glasses!

    I'm a new follower from the monday blog hop and would love a follow back. I hope you have an amazing Monday!


  3. I need to get my kids some childrens bibles, i miss mine from when I was a child. The adult ones are hard to translate into "interesting-fun-learning-time." lol

  4. Your funny glasses make me not feel bad about the Chinese Yoyo that found its way into the laundry basket. :)
    Following from the blog hop!

  5. I'm following from the Magnificent Monday blog hop! Hoping you can return the favor :)!

  6. I love those glasses. And the clock. :)

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    henry happened

  7. A snap shot of my house looks like a toy shop!!!

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  8. Thank you for visiting my blog! I really like this post-- I've asked myself that question a few times. I'm now a follower!

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  9. I love the glasses. Hm... my end table contains tow readers digest, a cookbook, a lamp, and chocolate! :) Unopened :) Hopping over from hop a little tuesday. Hope you follow back.


  10. The title of you blog alone describes my life. Mom of 3 girls under 5. Whew!
    Visiting from "Hop a Little Tuesday"


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