Monday, April 25, 2011

And another one bites the dust.....

It was a long weekend for my family yet I still feel like it didn't last long enough!  The hubby was off work for Good Friday....the big kids were not (due to a snow day that had no snow back in Winter).  So....what do we do?  We wait until 10 am (when they are counted present) and....YANK them out to head to the beach!  While I drove the get away car from the Elementary school the Hubs made sandwiches for everyone and packed up the cooler.  Good Friday was definitely fun.

My Macho Man

Snack Time!
 Saturday was a fun filled day as well.....if you don't count B's phone taking a swim in the pool and now he (conveniently) has this fancy schmancy new one. 
Sunday, of course was Easter and the church service was awesome!  We spent plenty of time with my dad, who was in town for the week.  My sister came down from Austin and even hid eggs for the kiddos.....she was SO good that we still have 5 more to find. 

I couldn't find the right dress for Easter Sunday so I dug deep in the closet and found this classic from about 4 years ago.

You're never too old for an Easter Egg Hunt...especially when there is money in those eggs!!
 I almost forgot G's Easter party at his preschool!  His teacher is amazing and always pulls out all the stops.  I signed up for an Easter dessert and bought everything to make from-scratch cupcakes.  Then I remembered that 4 and 5 year olds don't really eat a whole cupcake at a school party....they lick part of the icing, take a bite or two and then move on to the next sweet treat.  So, I decided on the box mix and decorated with chocolate icing and Nerds!  They liked them just as much....and I didn't feel any heart palpitations when I saw a whole cupcake in the trash.  

My other Macho Man

Using water colors on their hard boiled eggs

Confetti Eggs!


  1. cute pictures!

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  2. Looks like you had an awesome day! Beautiful family :-) I'm following you now - feel free to follow back.

  3. nice lookin fam there :) the title staying home and staying sane! thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!

  4. I'm so envious that it's warm there. It's still cold up here in MI

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  7. New follower from Tuesday blog hop. Looks like a wonderful day!! Beautiful family (and I really like your dress).

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  9. I just stumbled upon your blog and I absolutely LOVE it! Your family is beautiful! I am now your newest follower and I hope you will follow me too!!! I look forward to reading your future blog posts :)

  10. I'm a new follower. Come by any time and hope you will follow back.
    OH your beach pics make me so jealous. I love the ocean and wished I lived closer to the beach.

  11. Looks like a great weekend! Yeah, that make-up snow day was no bueno! Good idea to yank them out at 10!

  12. You have a beautiful blog - I'm a new follower! We love spending days at the beach!

    Frugally Green Mom

  13. Awww, looks like you guys had a great day! Gorgeous family! We welcomed the 80's here in Raleigh & snuck in a mid-day game of golf!

  14. LOVE that you have the Food Revolution button!! Did you make it yourself or find it somewhere? I'd love to add it to my site!!
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  15. Hey Teach-(I've always wanted to say that)
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