Monday, March 7, 2011

Sprig Toys Review

Last week there was a big box on my doorstep.  I just love it when the "big mail" comes!  I knew it was for my Sprig Toys review and I told Griffin, "Look!  We got something in the mail to review.  We get to play with it!"  It was a really cool box that opened a little differently, I lifted the flap to show Griffin in a dramatic way to show Griff the new toy we would be able to try out....well, it was wrapped in bubble wrap.  So, G takes one look and says..." BUBBLE WRAP! I LOVE it!! You can write that I LOVE it!"
Ah, the innocence of kids.  He was perfectly happy with the bubble wrap.  And being the green mom that I am I used the cool box and the bubble wrap to disguise Tyler's Birthday present later on in the week. 
Once I got through the totally awesome bubble wrap, we found the Dolphin Explorer Boat.  I just love Sprig toys.  Sprig encourages outside play, which let's face it, is truly essential for our kids.  G has played with this boat since we got it out of the box.  It has been in the bath numerous times.  Sprig is known for non-electric play and I particularly love how the people in their sets don't have faces.  This leaves even more room for imagination.  We already had the Dino Adventure Rig for over a year and he's always loved it.  Sprig toys are so rugged and durable, they can be really beat up and will remain forever intact.
Already playing with it first thing in the morning with his bed head. :)
As a green geek, much of the Sprig toys appeal comes from the Eco friendliness of all of the toys.  Sprig toys are made from recycled Sprig wood which is actually recycled sawdust and recycled plastic!!! I love this.  What better way to show your kids how much you care about the planet. 
Sprig has so may options for playsets.  Everything from the ones I mentioned above to a whole world called Sprig Hollow, if my daughter wasn't 9 I would totally get her this one.  Sprig Hollow is like a fairy world that kids can create their own little world with. I also noticed the Story Builders sets.  These are incredible.  If I went with the Story Builders I would definitely go with the Three Little Pigs set, that is one of G's fave stories.
Sprig also carries a line of toddler toys, Adventure Vehicles, Adventure Guides (like our Dolphin Explorer) and even a Sand and Garden Series. 
I would recommend Sprig Toys for any mom, with kids any age.  My daughter has been playing with G's boat in the bath.  Most of these toys are big and chunky enough for even babies to play with.
Sprig toys is hereby certified AWESOME by Staying Home and Staying Sane.

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  1. Thanks for the post. We love green toys! They just make more sense for our health and the environment's. I'll have the check out Sprig's toys!


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