Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 11....

Day 11....a picture of something you hate
I HATE that people all over the country and beyond are living like this.  This is not a photo taken off of Bing images or photo shopped in any way.  This is some one's home.This is specifically the outside of the home, behind the gray is their kitchen.  In this house, lives 7 people.  2 grandparents, 2 parents, and 3 beautiful little girls.  We met this family in October when my Bible study group and myself decided to make a move outside of our box after reading the amazing book, Radical.  We visited the church in the neighborhood, which helps out everyone within the neighborhood. 
The moment you drive onto the road, you realize that this place has been forgotten.  I have always longed to do mission work over seas in some 3rd world country that I could really make a difference in.  Lo and behold, there was a miniature version of a 3rd world country sitting 30 minutes from my house. 
These people were not expecting us...we rather boldly walked up to their doors and inside their houses asking if anyone needed help.  We might not be able to provide much money but we could help them in many other ways.  Nancy, the grandmother in this home, was the only one home when my small group of 3 came to her "door".  I use this term lightly because there is no door, just a door frame. 
God brought us to that home, that I was for sure was abandoned.  He gave us opportunity to listen to Nancy's story and start a relationship with her from the get go.  This was October this past year, and in Texas that is still super hot weather.  They had no air conditioning but in one room by a rickety window unit.  Their home looked like it had been literally turned inside out.  I have been blessed to get to know this entire family and their needs and also watch as their belief in God becomes more apparent.  Just last week, Nancy's daughter and I were having a discussion via text and she ended with God Bless!!
We all have been working very hard to find them a more suitable home.  One where they can open and close a front door, sit at a table for breakfast or even do homework.  Where they can invite friends over for the girls to play with and be proud of their home.  We have raised money only by the grace of God and by the amazing generosity of people we all know.  This family has been given food and water when they needed it, they have been gifted a microwave, window units, portable heaters, electric blankets....all because of the amazing compassion that this community can give.  They were even blessed with a Christmas, complete with wrapped presents and a little tree with all the trimmings. 
I am taking this moment to show something I hate but to also show how YOU can change the things you hate.  We have many fundraisers in the works, even a garage sale this weekend with every bit of the proceeds going to this family. 
God bless those that are willing to take a little bit of time to PRAY, give, serve, help, hug, and hold hands with the people that others may have forgotten.

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