Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cowgirl's Chocolates Review

Let me just say that when I received this package in the mail I was pumped!!  I have wanted to try Cowgirl's Chocolates for a while now....I actually saw them for the first time on a Food Network show a few years ago where Paula Deen's sons go on a road trip and try all sorts of goodies.  Cowgirl's Chocolates stuck with me....as a Southerner something with a name like they have just seems like a natural thing to have in my pantry. 

How darn cute is that?!
 When I opened the package from Cowgirl's Chocolates I was pleasantly surprised at how wonderfully it was packaged.  They thought of everything here!  It was wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with a sweet sticker.  After tearing open the tissue paper, there was the cutest little box tied with a red ribbon and finished off with a cowgirl hat charm.  Very precious wrapping job. 

Then I opened the sweet box and found very colorfully wrapped chocolates and caramels!  I know I had to look like a kid caught with a hand in the cookie jar.  My husband was just as intrigued as I was...he is a Type 1 diabetic and therefore has a wicked sweet tooth that he can NOT fulfill.  He is also obsessed with spicy things.  He eats peppers on just about everything and even makes his own salsa.  He couldn't resist trying one of the caramels.  There were 2 different caramels: habanero and chipolte.  He loved the habenero!! 
This is me after trying out the truffles.
Cowgirl's Chocolates are a sensory experience.  From unwrapping the box to unwrapping each metallic wrapped truffle or caramel you enjoy it.  These chocolates were amazing.  I am not a caramel person, unless it also involves coffee and whipped cream, but I love chocolate.  Especially truffles.  The creaminess of the Cowgirl's Chocolates are amazing. 

My advice when enjoying one of these goodies is to savor it! 
There are so many more things I would like to try from Cowgirl's Chocolates!  One being the hot chocolate.  During those cold winter days, yes we have those in Texas, hot chocolate is one of my favorite treats.  I also saw the Spicy Cherry Mango Almond bark and almost morphed into Homer Simpson again.  Go check out Cowgirl's Chocolates and I promise that you will find SOMEthing you want to try!  They have a beautiful Spring Basket that would be oh-so-much-more-fun than an Easter basket for a Mom or Dad treat to share.

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