Monday, February 21, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge! I think I can, I think I can....

I stumbled across a wonderful challenge tonight on Susie QT Pies Scraps of Life, it is a 30 Day Photo Challenge.  Each day I post a picture of the challenge that is presented and if needed, the story to go with it. 
I just love this type of looking inward thinking!  I am not sure how many other people will appreciate this 30 Day Photo Challenge and what I have to offer it, but I am stoked about it.  Day 1 has the challenge of taking a picture of myself...and a list of 15 facts about myself.  Seems simple enough but we'll see how it goes.  Tomorrow will be a picture of me and the person I have been closest with the longest. 
I challenge anyone else to take this on, blogger or not.  Facebook it, Tweet it, email it.... :) goes:

This picture is from a Girl's Night Out a few months ago. One of my oldest friends is sitting beside me but I wasn't sure if she would want to be showcased on my blog. ;) According to the challenge, I need to list 15 facts....I'm assuming about myself.
  1. I am a Christian.
  2. My husband and I will be married 13 years this July....but we only dated 3 MONTHS before we were married.
  3. I am a weirdly obsessive person when it comes to my grocery cart.
  4. My children are wild, crazy, rambunctious, and so stinkin' original that they make my heart hurt.
  5. My favorite scripture is Psalm 46:10......"Be Still and know" should be tattooed somewhere on my body...and it might be at some point.
  6. I am a pop culture whiz!  Especially at 80's and 90's TV.
  7. My feet are always cold.
  8. I have a mental block when it comes to makeup or hairstyling techniques.  Burt's Bees is my friend.
  9. I am a recycling junkie....there will be 2 bins at my curb every week..and they're probably full
  10. I have a really loud laugh. Really. Loud.
  11. I refuse to ever do Botox....I've earned these stripes, baby.
  12. I want to be organized....but I am not.
  13. Music, random dancing and weird accents are things that you are likely to hear and see when you walk in my door unexpectedly.
  14. Tad bit obsessed with plaid.
  15. I am happy with my life. My family. My friends. Right this point in my life, I am peacefully happy.

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  1. I will never understand the fetish that is Botox!
    Welcome to the 30 Day Challenge!
    I am on Day 15.
    Feel free to check all of my posts out here:


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