Sunday, February 20, 2011

Making cupcakes with Dr. Oetker

As a green blog I love to tell you guys when I've found a product that is Eco-friendly, organic, all-natural...or all three!  I started using Dr. Oetker Organics last year anytime I needed to make cakes, cupcakes or brownies.  I absolutely love them!  Simple organic cake mixes.  You know the drill; cake mix, eggs, oil.....
This is just a quick shout out to Dr. Oetker because they just helped my daughter make her first cupcakes.  She did this all on her own.  I only held the bowl while she scooped the batter into the cupcake liners.  We used red liners and of course, Toy Story for G. Tonight we used the Dr. Oetker Organics, organic Chocolate cake mix.    After adding and mixing the 3 ingredients, she poured the batter, waited 20 minutes and they were perfect!  (Why is it that when I use organic mixes for cakes, etc I feel like I can eat more??)
We used India Tree decorating sugar for the sprinkles and we went WAY off base and used Duncan Hines whipped icing. 
Definitely try these products!  India Tree has a ton of different colors to choose from and the ingredients are all easily pronounced!! Sugar crystals, beet juice for color, carnauba wax.  That's it, depending on the color.  Our periwinkle sugar used vegetable juice. 
Everybody picked out which cupcake they wanted....Tyler wanted the biggest of course, and G wanted the "baby" one.  Rhys was just happy to be eating a cupcake after already getting to the lick the bowl.  We put a dollop of icing on each plate and a sprinkling of decorating sugar too.  They got to use as much as they wanted, that was on their plate.
Fun time on a Sunday night! 

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