Monday, August 30, 2010

Mom's Best Naturals

Let me go ahead and admit that I am not the perfect Susie Homemaker that some stay at home moms are.  I don't cook breakfast every morning, to be honest it's every once in awhile that the kids get anything other than what is readily available in the pantry.  Whether that is oatmeal, cereal or cinnamon rolls left over from the weekend.  I know, I know: "You're a stay at home mom, isn't that what you are supposed to be doing?"  My reply: "Uh, NO!"  I have the same amount of time as everyone else in the morning to get my kids ready for school.  I also have 2 kiddos who dread waking up which is actually the equivalent of Chinese water torture.  What makes this morning "routine" a tad easier is having food in the pantry that will be eaten and not just sit on the shelf for months and months.  You know who I'm talking to.....Dora cereal that Griff just HAD to have. 
I might not be Donna Reed but I am genuinely concerned about what goes into my kids' tummies.  I might not can go completely organic or all natural ALL the time but the purchases I make are the important ones.  First and foremost, organic milk.  Three years ago, after reading all of the craziness about little girls lactating and starting their periods super early was enough to freak me out to the point of never buying "regular" milk again.  So, if I have the organic milk what comes next?  No, not Oreos.  Cereal.  I have bought and tried just about every organic or natural cereal out there.  Survey saaaays:  not so good.  Once I found Mom's Best Cereals though I totally changed my thinking. 
Our first Mom's Best purchase was Mallow Oats, which is like Lucky Charms but oh-so-much-better.  The kids loved them immediately, which in turn made me love them immediately. The hardest one to please, the three year old food critic, loved them!  One of the most important things about Mom's best is that they are actually affordable and in a human size box.  $3 for a box that will last, and they aren't playing around with those bog box/half full bags either.  I was an instant fan.
Mom's Best sent me 4 family size boxes of their cereal to try and review.  We received:  Honey-Ful Wheat (which is Honey Smacks done right), Honey Grahams (hello, Golden Grahams), Sweetened Wheat-fuls (mini wheats-esque), and Toasted Cinnamon Squares (Cinnamon Toast Crunch but better).  Let me tell you, I looked like a kid in a candy store when I opened that box.  It came the weekend before the 1st week of school so my first thought was "Score!! Mark cereal off the list!"  My second though was " Ooooo, I haven't had Smacks in forever."  I have had more cereal this past week than I have in a long time.  And the kids were not complaining when they got to pick their fave from the 4 in the pantry every morning. 
Time to get serious, right?  Which one was the best?  My favorite was by far the Honey-Ful Wheat, I had built this one up a lot before I tried it and it totally met my high expectations.  Griff, my three year old had a few faves, he loves the Sweetened Wheat-Fuls and the Honey Grahams.  He loves to snack on dry cereal in the afternoons and I felt completely fine letting him munch.  Rhys' fave was the Honey-Ful Wheat and Tyler was digging on the Toasted Cinnamon Squares.  And the 4th kid I forgot to husband, Bryan.......he fell in l-o-v-e with the Honey Grahams too.  The taste is awesome in all of these cereals.  Just because it's better for you than other choices does not mean that it lacks in taste.  Each piece of cereal is coated in the flavor that it's supposed to have.  The Grahams were thick and had such bold honey flavor.  The Honey-Ful wheat stayed crunchy for a long time and the flavor reminded me of when I was a kid.  Each Toasted Cinnamon Square is covered, covered, I tell ya' in cinnamon and sugar!  And the Sweetened Wheat-fuls didn't get soggy in the milk.  I actually had a bowl of these last night for a late dinner, and they were sooo good. 
Mom's Best is a wonderful company.  They are family-owned, which is something you don't see often anymore, and they have been for 4 generations!  Mom's Best is one of the easiest decisions you can make about feeding your family the proper things.  Mom's Best is one of the few affordable and actually edible cereals that can boast that they have:
No artificial preservatives
No artificial colors or flavors
No hydrogenated or Palm oil
No high fructose corn syrup
How many cereals can you find on your grocer's shelves that have NO high fructose corn syrup?!! I challenge you to count them.  I can promise you there won't be many, if any at all.  I also noticed that there is a major difference in the whole grain per servings in Mom's Best cereals.  In the Honey Grahams, there is 7g of whole grain per serving along with real honey.  The Toasted Cinnamon Squares have 10 (!) grams of whole grain per serving!Sweetened Wheat-fuls have......44g of whole grain per serving!!!  Mallow Oats have 14g of whole grain per serving.  I am pumped that we can slip in that much whole grain without it being a battle. 
Mom's Best Naturals is a company I highly suggest checking out yourself.  I find my Mom's Best at Kroger, my local HEB does not carry it.  Although, I will be mentioning it to them.  Check out the Mom's Best Facebook page and stay up to date on all the news and activities they have going on there.  I am so glad I tried the other varieties and know how good they are.  Now, I will not be loyal to just Mallow Oats but buy the other ones as well.  My kids did not have one complaint about these cereals, and that's saying something with three kids who are very opinionated.  Please check out their Store Locator and find out if Mom's Best is sold near you, if to the store. 
Thank you Mom's Best for letting me review the cereals that you did.  You rock!

I received 4 boxes of cereal to review from Mom's Best for this review.


  1. Hey lady! I'm your newest follower! My blog is about going green too! I am totally changing our lifestyle and my husband and 3 kiddos love it! We are having a blast cooking and going to farmer's markets! I can't wait to read more. Please check out my blog at

    I saw you are outside of Houston. i'm in Austin! Love Texas!

    Looking forward to getting to know you and your family!

  2. found your blog on Bloggy the name of your Bloggy Moms discussion ~ I am now following! I agree 100% with your review of this product! I try to do the all natural/organic with my family as well. I like this product because of the ingredients and the price...sometime our grocery store has it on sale (even better!). I invite you to visit my blog @ Take care, Amy

  3. Hello!! I am your newest follower form the Bloggy Moms. Love the blog name..I try to stay sane every day with my daughter.
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