Tuesday, June 8, 2010

CoverGirl and Olay Simply Ageless review

I received my Buzzkit for this was so pumped.  Even though I am not a huge makeup person I was intrigued by the great packaging.  SO cute with it's swirls, my daughter saw it and immediately though it was for her. 
In my kit I received;  Sculpting blush, Eye concealer, Corrector and foundation.  I will admit right now that I do not wear foundation.  I wore it for a short time in high school and realized that I hated it.  So, I will give this one to a friend that can really use it.  Okay, that sounded bad, you know what I mean. :)  In my short makeup regimen I use mascara, blush ( when I'm in the mood to really get fancy), and concealer ( I do have three kids, so this is a must under the eyes). 
CoverGirl is such an amazing and affordable line of makeup and it's a total classic.  To combine with Olay was genius.  One of my memories of my grandmother (who was impeccably ageless) is the smell of the Olay moisturizer she used at bedtime.  Olay is such a wonderful line and they have proven that it is possible to be affordable and have excellent quality and results. 
The blush is the perfect color for everyone, Lushberry is the color I used.  It really highlights the cheekbones and made me look less tired and more youthful.  The concealer and corrector was awesome.  I loved how it really brightened my face.  Anything that will make me look my 30 years and that I actually got a good night's sleep is a miracle worker to me! 
With three kids ages 11, 8 and 3 I need a super easy makeup routine and something that is simple to put on and look great with.  This line form CoverGirl and Olay really fits the bill.  I am impressed and will be mentioning this to friends and family for sure. 
The coupons I received in the BuzzKit will be put to use! :)
Thank you CoverGirl and Olay Simply Ageless for another thing to add to my CoverGirl makeup.

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  1. I am very glad I read this! I have been trying to get on an "ageless" skin care routine as well. I did go to Estee Lauder and bought their night time anti-wrinkle cream, which I am sure Olay would do the same. My husband's grandmother had that "ageless" looking skin and all she EVER used was Olay at bedtime!


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