Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My oldest is turning 11 tomorrow!

Tomorrow at 10:44am I will officially be the mom of an 11 year old.  This year isn't an extremely large milestone or anything but to me for some reason it has been.  Tyler was born to extremely young parents who had no clue what they were doing.  I barely recognize these people anymore as they were 11 years ago.  A naive 18 year old and her soulmate for life decided to start a family extremely early and through all of it the family is still kickin'!!  July 18th this year will mark our 12th year of marriage and we owe alot of our success to Tyler.  I would never advise any other just-turned-18yr old to get engaged, pregnant and married but we made it work.  Now, with any other kid this might not have been possible but Tyler has always pushed me to be a better mom than I thought I ever thought I could be.  Which is why that Teen Mom show on MTV just drives me nuts, by the way. 
Tyler created the mom that I am.  The mom that I am to Rhys and to Griffin.  I know there were moments when I probably acted like the 18 year old I was, wanting to sleep in, not wanting to cook or clean and I learned to get over it really fast.  I know for a fact that if I never had my kids holding me resposible I wouldn't have stuck it out through all the petty stuff that everyone goes through in a marriage.  I would have given up and treated our relationship like another high school crush, replaceable.
Now, I am not putting this all on Tyler's shoulders, I know that Bryan and I are good parents because we were meant to be and because we grew and learned how to be.  It didn't hurt though to have a great kid to start us off.  :)
We have since added 2 more kids to the mix and we could not be happier.  My kids are people who I genuinely like.  I know that sounds funny but you know you've loved people in your family but would you like them if you weren't related?  My kids are our glue, they are what keep us together, tightly and permanately. 
Tyler turning 11 tomorrow marks a milestone in our lives as a family....a continuance, a journey still being traveled.  He is an incredible person and I have no doubt that he'll be an incredible man.  He is open minded yet strong in his convictions.  He has a close relationship with God and is comfortable with himself and how others see him.  His confidence is something I wish I had.  He is extremely funny and such a big goofball you will never be bored with him around. He has accomplished any goal he has sought out, Student Council, Gifted and Talented, UIL competitions etc.   He is talented in everything he tries and he constantly is thinking outside of the box.  I am proud of the kid he has become so far and the gentleman he will be in the future. 
What a kid!

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  1. Ya makin' me teary-eyed! I LOVED the memoir! Tyler is so very blessed to have such wonderful parents!

    Love ya!


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