Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year, new economy? Doesn't matter, we're sticking with the new way of life.

This has been one heck of a year so far for this family.  Not that the kids would know it.  Anytime we've had financial difficulties our kids have not known anything specific.  There's really no point, it won't change the problem if the kids are just as stressed out as us.  They do know that the economy is bad all-around.  We've discussed how big corporations are having troubles and how it would be silly of us to spend a lot of money on material things.  I can tell you that this horrible economy has really brought us closer though.  It's also got us eating at home more and that helps everyone.  We're not going places as much and if we do it's definitely local.  On New Year's Day it's normal to reflect on the past year and I know that it's had some really bad downs but those downs have inadvertently led to ups. More family time, healthier food choices, less material things, more focus on what's truly important.  I have found new ways to cook dinner without going to the store for days.  My freezer has been more of a help this year than any of the 11 that my husband and I have been married. and have become great favorite websites of mine.  I have also decided that staying home completely will probably not be an option anymore.  I don't know how anyone is doing it these days with only 1 income.  I think after school starts back I will sign up to start substituting at my kids' school.  It will kill me to leave my 3 year old but luckily God blessed us with wonderful grandparents so he doesn't have to go to daycare.  Especially since it will be sparatic.  I am looking forward to moving on from 2009 and to a great year where we will keep what we have learned in tough times in play and the material things that led us to such a horrible economy will hopefully beome less important to us all.  And I am sorry for anything that is misspelled but my computer recently had a meltdown and for some reason it chose to eat my spell check button! :)


  1. Hope you get back to blogging soon. Happy 2010 ;)

  2. I am a SAHM too and my goal this year is to make enough on Etsy to keep it that way. Here's to making it work!



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