Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dove Giveaway at Let's Just Give It Away!

First off....I love giveways! Second of all.....I love Dove products!  And over at Let's just give it away they are combining both. 
The ages my kiddos are I am constantly thinking about things that can make them more aware of their bodies in a good way.  They have so many negative things coming at them from all directions it's pitiful.. You watch Nickelodeon with them at 6:30am while they are getting ready for school and you can see so many Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig commercials even a fit model can start to reevaluate herself.  That is the specific reason why I choose Disney over Nick anyday...not Nick Jr. (formerly Noggin) though because they have no commercials at all.  With a son on the cusp of tweendom (he'll be 11 in March) and a daughter in 2nd grade it seems as though they are being redirected every day in the wrong direction.  If not by tv, radio then by their friends have never learned anything differently.  My three year old is far from this problem.  As most 3 year olds, he's proud of ALL that he's got. :)  But I think the earlier we start the self esteem talks and encourage our children to talk and act in a way they can be proud of the better.  Dove is taking these talks to a whole new level and has developed a foundation to do so.  The Dove company's ads are always amazing and always show the people you can relate to.  This should be a wonderful giveways to take part in.  Go on over to and check it out!

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