Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Green but disposable?

Since my daughter's birthday was on Thanksgiving we waited util today to do the class party thing. I went to the store today to pick up the 2 dozen cupcakes I ordered this morning. You gotta love living in a small community where you can order the cupcakes that morning and they're ready well before noon. I already felt guilty buying the dang things in the first place because I have been making the Bday treats from scratch lately and mostly organic. With all the craziness of late, I decided to cheat and buy. They were oh so good though! Whipped chocolate icing.....the kids looked like they were licking ice cream comes it was so high. While there I found a new line of juice ouches for this little independent store to be carrying. It is called Space Gang and it claims to be a "natural juice drink". Now everyone knows when they add drink tot he end it means it's not 100% juice but I was skeptical about how natural something could be without being 100% juice. It contains water, cane sugar or fructose, 3 different kinds of acid and red or white grape juice concentrates and natural flavors. Is this natural enough?? I don't think so. I would rather stick to my 100% juice or a flavored water. I did use the Chinet bowls which the company says they are sustainable. For a class party I can live with it but we do not use any more paper plates in this house. Haven't for probably the past 4 years. Just some random thoughts to end the night.

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