Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Where are the flying cars we were promised?

It is now officially 2014.

Way back in 80's....I was promised by a certain cartoon that we would have flying cars and most definitely be living in outer space by now.
And what year did Michael J. Fox ride his super fly hover board? 2015? I'm thinking we're out of luck.

So, I know that everyone usually has wonderful resolutions they're working like heck to make a reality....get in better shape, more sleep, less carbs (pshhh...), traveling more, yelling less, yada, yada, yada...

I have a few myself. But we won't call them resolutions because that just makes me feel pressured and that will basically put it in writing that I will NOT get any of it accomplished.  

We'll just call them, Things I Would Like to Get Done When Possible...But No Pressure.

1. Take more pictures. But not with my phone.
Yes, it is extremely handy. And yes, my Galaxy took pretty darn good pictures until I updated and now they're just mediocre. Update = not as good as before...only in tech world. But I have a wonderful Canon that takes beautiful pictures. I just need to sit down and research (Google and YouTube will be my friends) ways to take better pictures. Pictures I will be proud to order actual prints of....which leads us to....

2. Order more pictures and put in albums.
I'm not talking scrapbooking. I'm talking about plain old photo albums. While at my grandfather's, I make sure to make at least one night there a night of album admiring. Looking through all of the old pictures I know by  memory but still loving every second. I want my kids to be able to do the same thing.

3. Yoga.
This time, I mean it. Honest.
A class? No thank you. I'll keep my awkward moments to myself.

4. Quit slacking on the style.
As I type this, I am wearing an oversize sweatshirt and skinny jeans....only because they make the oversize sweatshirt look not as huge as it is and because they are so soft they feel like leggings.
Stay at Home Mom Syndrome (SAHMS) is a sad but debilitating want to get out of your leggings/yoga pants/sweats/boyfriend jeans that feel like pj's and t really do...but it's just so hard!
I've already attempted to wear lipstick a little more than my standard Burt's Bees lip balm...but then I can't wear lipstick without mascara...and you can't wear mascara without a little bit of blush...and I'm all gussied up with nowhere to go. Lipstick is a gateway, people.
But, I digress...I should attempt to dress up a little more and wear my scant amount of makeup more often. Not for anyone else, but for myself.

5. Hit the sack before midnight.
I am a major night owl. I don't mind the mornings. Mornings mean coffee and who doesn't like that?! But I can't seem to fall asleep before midnight. Which could quite possibly be the meaning behind my sad, puffy eyes.
I tell myself I'll read just one more chapter of my book and then an hour later I'm still reading! I need the sleep. I need to not look like a basset hound.

6. Enjoy my friends more.
I rarely get together with friends. We all have kids, and husbands and schedules packed with sports and jobs and church and life.....
But I would love to make it a point to get together with some friends once a month. Whether here at my crazy casa or out for dinner.
A potluck meal with friends sounds dreamy.

7. Read more to my youngest.
When you're the baby of the family there are lots and lots of perks. You are allowed to get away with a lot more than your siblings because you're just so darn cute or maybe even because your parents have gone through it twice already and decided that this is the battle they don't want to pick anymore.
But you also have some downfalls....sometimes the simple things like-- your mom reading to you before bed take a back burner to the rest of the daily grind. With three kiddos and the large age gap, it's really easy for me to be distracted or busy at bedtime. I'm embarrassed to admit that I read as much as I could at bedtime with our two oldest but with G we have things going on later in the afternoon and through the evening and he hasn't had near as much one on one reading time with me as they did. It's been more so since he hit about 5 and his activities started mixing in on the weeknights as well. But I want to make it a point to not just have him read his homework stories to me but for me to let him sit back and enjoy the luxury of having someone read to him...a lot more.

8. Write more.
It's good for the soul. I don't care of it's the blog, my journal, or one of the thousands of stories I have running through my brain.

There is so much that I would love to accomplish or start to do more regularly.
What do you have one your list for this year??

PS: Snapped a few pics of Tyler last week at his first soccer scrimmage for the high school! He looks way too old in these. My heart....broken.

2nd picture is a fun he doing butt squeezes? Is he now performing The  Riverdance (thanks to my childhood friend on Facebook for that one)? Is he waiting to head the ball? Nutcracker practice? Just a few guesses.

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