Friday, April 5, 2013

Is it just me or is life on fast forward? {Warning: Adorable pictures ahead...}

This whole early Easter thing is throwing me for a loop.

It is early, right? I'm not just crazy?

Add in the fact that Texas is experiencing (what I imagine to be) true spring weather and I'm dumbfounded.

First of all....I had to take down St. Patrick's Day decorations to make room for Easter decorations because we all know what's more important. Is it a Southern thing or a mom thing to decorate for every, single holiday? Either way...I feel the need to have some sort of decoration to commemorate the special day. Plus, it takes away from the house that needs a massive power washing and the yard that isn't up to par.
We didn't even make it to church on Easter! I was making homemade rolls and Honey Beer bread all morning....which I know is not a very good excuse but it's mine. I'm sorry. *hangs head in shame*

We did enjoy the sunshine and visited a few sets of grandparents. Good times.

Now, Easter has come and gone and all we can think about is SUMMER!

The kids all have selective ADD and refuse to focus on tasks at hand whether at school or home. I've got to admit....I'm there with them. I haven't mopped the kitchen floor in over 2 weeks and I'm starting to refuse company because of it.

-------BREAKING NEWS------

G lost his first tooth yesterday!

My little gap toothed boy will now have an even bigger gap tooth smile.

My youngest.

Lost his first tooth.

He will no longer have the same smile he's had since those little babies came in.

The fact that this makes me sad is ridiculous. I understand this.

But it still does.

Here's that adorable picture I promised.....

Now, it's Friday!  Get out there and do something wonderful.

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