Friday, September 14, 2012

I Got Sunshine......on a cloudy day

Okay, this homeschooling stuff is no joke, people.

I am staying busy.

I am also becoming a little obsessed with all of the amazing Kinder idea out apology to all of my Pinterest followers for the excessive use pinning under my Kindergarten Power! board.

Last week for our Science lesson, G and I talked about weather. I am a cloud fanatic...seriously, how many pictures of clouds can one person have on their phone? So, we talked about what clouds truly are and how rain happens. We performed a few experiments, Tornado in a Jar was one. The other was Rain in a Glass....using shaving cream on top of the water and using blue food coloring as "rain". He loved it.

To end our weather unit we decided to get a little crafty, because really what is better than drawing, gluing and cutting paper plates?

I scoured websites looking for ideas for weather crafts and I couldn't find much. Let me clarify....I couldn't find anything that wasn't Cloud Dough.

So, I grabbed the handy dandy paper plates and decided we would decorate umbrellas to celebrate the weather and the rain that we loved so much.

You cut your paper plate in half and color/paint away. Cut out an umbrella handle from anything you please, cardboard would be more stiff where you could actually hold the umbrella up, but we had construction paper which worked fine for a last minute craft. Lay one colored side down on the table, glue the handle on to the inside of that half. Lay the other colored side down on top of that. Staple away.


Here are two more ideas that I contribute completely to my Pinterest inspiration.

I saw a pin of this Handwriting House from What the Teacher Wants and knew it would be an amazing visual for my kiddo that does not like focusing on handwriting. I am really visual, so I get it. When I created my own version I freehanded it on our "big" paper we use in place of an easel.

G immediately "got it"! Now, we refer to each line he seems to be forgetting about in our Handwriting House terms; roof, window, floor and basement.

Simple stuff that really connects your kiddo to what they need to retain.

I loved a Doubles Facts poster I saw on Pinterest, created by Mrs. Chappell's 2nd Grade Blog. Printing is expensive, as I am sure you would all agree. I draw and create my own things whenever possible since I only have 1 to worry about.

Here is our version of the Doubles Facts poster...

I hope you guys enjoy our activities as much as we do. I have recieved so many amazing ideas, I figure I'll share when I can and pass along all the love.

And just for fun......

I told you about my obsession with clouds. Sunrise, sunset, storm clouds rolling in....bring it.

Here are two from the last few weeks.

Texas sunsets are truly amazing.

He is truly an awesome God.

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