Friday, June 29, 2012

There's a new box in town....Conscious Box {review}

I first heard about the amazing Conscious Box from a person I refer to as, my bloggy BFF.  She's pretty great...and talented...super crafty DIY-er that I totally envy.  You would like her too. Promise.  Her name is Stephanie and her (gorgeous) site is Sand and Starfish.  Feel free to be super jealous because she lives the beach life. 
I saw some of her tweets and FB posts and got curious....just what is in this mystery box that you can receive monthly?  Is it gold? No. But close. Well, maybe not close to gold ...but there's a ton of stuff lovingly tucked into those boxes.  A lot. 
And it's so cute! 

This is what I looked like when I pulled back the tissue compact!

Try not to be jealous but I have a lot of cool stuff to try while I'm truckin' to Alabama and Florida. 

I tried the Kelp Krunch tonight when I got home and I've got to be honest here, I was not sure if I would like it.  I sucked it up though and tried and it was so, stinkin' good!  My honest to goodness thoughts....savory Bit o' Honey. 

I am most exited to try the Vita Rocks, which are basically pop rocks for grown ups.  I'm not the best at taking vitamins.  Okay, I don't take any. But, these, I'm pretty sure I could manage to remember and love. 

During our 12 hour road trip I have a feeling that the Natural Vitality and the EBoost will be used too.  I have a LARABAR (Carrot Cake!!) to scarf down enjoy at a normal pace and a Vanilla Chai shake from Vega One. 


I will have to let you all know how it goes while we're on the road and on vacation. 

So glad I am getting to try the Conscious Box out, this would make a super cool gift to receive from someone for a housewarming or a new baby gift.  Something to spoil someone you love in the right way.  Or send it to yourself because you freakin' deserve it.

Conscious Box only offers the most eco friendly, organic products out there.  I love that each box is an array of completely different things but in the same category. You can not get bored with the Conscious Box.  I love how the company works and how dedicated they are to the planet and everyone's well being.  I trust Conscious Box and all the companies they shrink to fit inside my special little box. 

I will be tweeting the products (and pictures) I fall in love with so stay tuned!

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