Tuesday, May 1, 2012

W is for....water is the cure for everything, especially if that water is emerald and the sand is white.

My love of the beach started at a very young age....there has never been a time where I have not loved the sounds of the waves and the feel of my toes in the sand.  It calms my soul and quiets my ever present worries. 
Growing up, we lived close to the beaches of the Florida panhandle.  When we moved to Texas, we still had all of our family in South Alabama, so the beaches were always there and waiting for us to come back and visit. 
I have the fondest memories of going to the beaches there and after I had my own children it became important for me to create as many memories as possible with them at the same beaches.   Luckily, I have converted my non-beach-loving husband into a beach lover.  All I had to do was get him away from the beaches near us....which have brown sand...and brown water and stick him in front of the amazing views of the Gulf from the Florida side.  He instantly fell in love with it.  I don't think he'll ever enjoy the sand in his shorts....but he loves it all the same. 
We have been heading to visit my family in South Alabama, or as my dad calls it L.A. (lower Alabama) during the summer for the past few years and it has made a huge difference in our lives.  Just the memories we make on the 12 hour road trip there can be hilarious.  I feel like I am beating a dead horse with the whole "make a memory!" speech but I promise you that your kids will not remember the things that didn't make it possible to make memories...they will only remember never going anywhere.  You don't have to make 12 hour road trips to make a memory with your kid, just go and do something! 
But if you do want to get the hell out of dodge, then you might want to check out the Emerald Coast of Florida.  You will never regret sinking your feet into the sugar white sand of the beaches along the Gulf of Mexico.  You will never forget the color of the water either.  I have been standing in the Gulf and feeling like I am in Hawaii somewhere.  Isn't it amazing all of the wonders we have here in these 50 states? 
So, enough jibber jabber....we have some news.  We finally decided where we would stay this year in Florida.  After visiting my family in Alabama we will be taking a short drive to Destin and staying at.....{insert drum roll here}
Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort!

This is a really cool thing for us because it's a little out of our box...we usually stay in Panama City Beach which is where my parents usually took us as kids.  If you come from a family of divorce you will totally get that about me....how I constantly find myself trying to recreate happy childhood moments.  Even though, I love my PCB, I really want to try something new with our family and create our own traditions and special places. 
Sandestin has so many great opportunities for families.  I love that they cater to families with kids of all ages.  Destin offers so many great places to eat, shop and play....staying at Sandestin seems a bit of a no brainer.  With playgrounds and shopping, I have no doubt that we will be able to satisfy each of our kids.  With a teenager in tow, it also calms me to know that I will feel safe to let him explore within the resort.  Just around 5 blocks from the beach, we can have the beautiful beaches and great activities not on the beach all at our fingertips.
I am so excited, I can not even tell you! Sandestin is made up of 4 villages, if you will....Beachside, Lakeside, Bayside and Village.  These 4 areas have their own areas within.  Plenty of room for families, no matter what you may love to do.  Golf, tennis, bike riding, trails or just relaxing by the book or the beach, Sandestin has something for you and your family.   I will be including you on this journey too....we will be documenting our trip every step of the way.  You get to take a drive to Florida the easy way...no car sick kids for you! 
I can't wait to update you guys every day, keeping you in the loop of everything we have done that day whether it is a family bike ride or a relaxing day by the sea...I will be taking plenty of pictures and leaving links for you to create your own family trip.
Sandestin Resort has tons of deals and packages you need to take advantage of.  I urge you to make some plans for your family and.....(don't cringe) go make some memories!!

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