Thursday, February 16, 2012

Project 365...Valentine Par-tay!

I realized that I posted about one million and one pictures yesterday but did not number them for Project 365.  I also realized that I don't really seem to be posting just one picture for each day, it seems to be a succession of photos from one day.  Well, nanny-nanny-boo-boo....I am working Project 365 the Staying Home and Staying Sane way. 
How great are Valentine's parties at the kids' schools?  Yes, you have to bring something to contribute after you have helped the kiddo make an outstanding (if I do say so myself) Valentine box...and then you can only hope that you have someone to talk to while your kid shoves 10 mini cupcakes in their mouth and you get to witness the horseplay of little boys on a sugar high.  But I really do love it. 
Reason #1: I may not be crafty but I can sure as heck pull off a Valentine box.
Reason #2: There are only so many class parties you will be able to go to...until your kid doesn't want you there anymore or they just stop altogether.  I think that class parties are pretty much frowned upon in junior high.....

R is a girl.  So, of course, this Valentine box was a huge priority.  She made me proud and stuck to the classics.  We found a cute photo storage box and the Hobby to the Lobby and we wrapped in red tissue paper (yes, old school!) and then in clear wrapping paper with polka dots.  The she smothered it in super cute Valentine stickers.  Those Valentine stickers have since evolved from sweet little My Little Pony or Polly Pockets to owls and other woodland creatures and plenty of X's and O's.  She had about 3 different kinds of Valentine's to pass out and reveled in the party.  Slowly making her way around and distributing pencils, mini notebooks and the chosen Valentine card. 
G's parties are always fun.  I've mentioned his super amazing pre school teacher before, Mrs. Holly, and I don't know what she does to the kids to make them behaves themselves but whatever she does works.  Fairy dust?  Magic spells?  Sugar bribes?  No clue.  The parties are always an organized type of chaos.  The moms mingle and try to talk their kids into trying tasty treats other parents brought and then we admire all of the Valentine boxes....that really none of the kids made.  So, we pat each other on the back on a job well done for another year.  It's all in good fun. 
Day 25
G's Valentine box
Day 26
Ready to hand out his mountain of treats....
Day 27
A boy and his box...
Day 28
Very focused Valentine passer- outter
Day 29
I figured that she would want this picture one day...her 4th grade desk with all of her Valentine goodies

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  1. Love the box! Got so much stuff from the neighbors this year. Need to be more creative and do something for them next year. My kids loved their treats.


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